Food, Community and Partnership: USDA Rural and Makoce Ag

On today’s show…

We meet the two recipients of the Excellence in Economic Development award and learn how they are supporting and growing the communities in Sioux Falls and Madison.

The SDSU Extension examines the state of child care in our rural areas. We learn more from Audrey Rider, an early childhood field specialist, about the data we know and the data we don’t know about the child care crisis.

Learn more about SDSU Extension’s Child Care Needs Survey.

A partnership seeks to address complex, systemic food challenges. Nick Hernandez is president and CEO of Makoce Agriculture Development, and Nikki Gronli is state director of rural development for the USDA.

We talk about food that connects and supports us.

Christina Oey is the new director of the South Dakota Humanities Council. She and Jennifer Widman, director of the Center for the Book, share why they believe the humanities are present in every area of ​​life.