The rise of Baramulla reached an all-time high after 1984 – the emerging Kashmir

• 2024 saw an all-time high of 59% voter turnout: CEO Pole
• Handwara recorded 66.76%, Gurez 39.77%.
• 21,000 KP migrant voters cast their votes in 26 polling stations
• The elections ended peacefully; no untoward incidents were reported
• The CEO expresses his gratitude to people for the massive participation

Baramulla, May 20: The fifth phase of voting for the general elections for the 18th LokSabha concluded peacefully here today with around 59% voting polled in Baramulla, Kupwara, Bandipora and Budgam districts, in part.
Chief Electoral Officer Pandurang K. Pole said on Monday that the Baramulla parliamentary constituency recorded a voter turnout of about 59 percent, marking the second highest voting percentage in its decade-long democratic history. Speaking to reporters in Srinagar, Pole emphasized that the people of Baramulla created history with the highest ever polling percentage for the parliamentary seat and a violence-free election day.
He said that the previous highest voter turnout in BaramullaLokSabha constituency was observed in 1984 at 58.90 percent, while this year it reached 59 percent. The constituency had a turnout of approximately 59 percent, the highest voting percentage since its creation in 1967.
The Baramulla parliamentary constituency saw a voter turnout of about 59 percent, the highest voting percentage since its creation in 1967, when the voter turnout was 51.35%.
According to data released by the CEO’s office, the constituency recorded different percentages in previous elections: 37.41% in 2019, 38.96% in 2014, 41.84% in 2009, 35.65% in 2004, 27 .79% in 1999, 41.49% in 1998, 46.65% in 1996 no elections were held in 1991, 5.48% in 1989, 61.09% in 1984, 56.02% in 1980, 56, 97% in 1977, 50.62% in 1971 and 51.35% in 1967.
“The constituency consisted of 2,103 polling stations, all under CCTV surveillance to ensure smooth handling. “While there were some reports of slow elections, investigations showed that polling staff were dedicated and efficient,” he said.
Pole said the BaramullaLokSabha constituency witnessed the highest ever voter turnout since the Assembly elections started here in 1967. The previous record was set in 1984 at 61.09 percent, but this year it was 59 percent, which is the second highest, he added.
He also noted that Sopore witnessed a remarkable turnout of 44 percent, a significant improvement from the single-digit figures of the past decades.
Pole said the highest ever poll percentage was recorded in Baramulla parliamentary constituency since the outbreak of terrorism in Kashmir in 1996 at 46.65%. and in the history of Baramulla PC, the highest poll percentage (approximately) was 61.09% in 1984.
“This year’s poll percentage is definitely the second highest in the democratic history of Baramulla PC and is likely to be the highest as the final numbers from remote areas are yet to come and also two assembly segments – Budgam and Beerwah have been added in the recent demarcation We can say that this is highest for Baramulla PC in the current format,” he said.
Pole said these numbers could rise further as some polling stations had voters waiting past the 6pm deadline.
At the close of polls, which were provisionally around 61.87%, the turnout in Karnah was 56.65%, in Trehgam 57.31%, in Kupwara 55.68%, in Lolab 55.72%, in Handwara 66.76%, in Langet 60.08%. In Sopore it was 40.10%, in Rafiabad it was 54.69%.
In Uri it was 59.07%, in Baramulla it was 48.20%, in Gulmarg it was 54.45%, in Wagoora-Kareeri it was 47.10%, in Pattan it was 52.90%, in Sonawari it was 58.64%, in Bandipur it was 56.13%, in Gurez it was 39.77%, in Beerwah it was 55.62% and in Budgam it was 48.12%.
Among the assembly segments, the highest voting percentage at 5 pm was recorded in Handwara with 66.76% while the lowest was in Gurez with 39.77%.
He said the elections took place at 2,103 polling stations in Baramulla parliamentary constituency, with live webcasting at all polling stations. Voting started at 7am via PC, with long lines of eager voters waiting to cast their votes.
Pole said that around 17,37,865 lacs voters were registered to cast their votes. More than 8,000 polling station members performed voting work. The actual polling continued till 6 pm and in some polling stations of Trehgam, till the vote by the last voter standing in the queue. Minimum basic amenities such as water, electricity, toilet, driveway, veranda/waiting room, etc. were provided at each polling station.
There were around 21,000 Kashmiri migrant voters in PC-Baramulla who opted to vote in 26 special polling stations located in Jammu (21), Udhampur (01) and Delhi (04). At these 26 special polling stations, the election turnout was 32% in Jammu and around 50% in Udhampur and Delhi. It is also the first time that the migrant community has voted in such large numbers.
“Even wheelchairs and volunteers were made available when needed. Efforts have been made to provide a better experience for voters. In many polling station buildings, even small children were seen accompanying their parents and playing in the premises. The polling stations were full of celebration,” he added.
CEO Pole said that in addition, to ensure inclusive voting, 18 polling booths managed by women (also called pink polling stations), 17 polling booths managed by specially abled persons and 18 polling stations managed by youth. established. Meanwhile, 18 green polling stations have been set up in Baramulla PC, he added.
CEO Pole also congratulated all voters and expressed his gratitude to all those voters who came in large numbers to cast their votes. He also appreciated the work of all polling personnel including security personnel deployed in the election process, police officers, ARO, RO and district election officers for their services in making the ongoing elections successful.

Annual %age
1967: 51.35% (Baramulla)
1971: 50.62% (Baramulla)
1977: 56.97% (Baramulla)
1980: 56.02% (Baramulla)
1984: 61.09% (Baramulla)
1989: 5.48% (Baramulla)
1991: No elections are held
1996: 46.65% (Baramulla)
1998: 41.49% (Baramulla)
1999: 27.79% (Baramulla)
2004: 35.65% (Baramulla)
2009: 41.84% (Baramulla)
2014: 38.96% (Baramulla)
2019: 37.41% (Baramulla)
2024: 59.00% (Baramulla)

LG praises people and stakeholders with high attendance
Srinagar, May 20: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha congratulated the people and all stakeholders for the high voter turnout in Baramulla Parliamentary Constituency.
Taking to a social media platform I congratulate and thank the people of Baramulla for joining us in large numbers to join the MahaKumbh of our democracy.
I appreciate the hard work of all stakeholders to ensure free, fair, accessible, inclusive and peaceful voting. I am happy to see young voters expressing and celebrating their unwavering belief in democratic values. I hope that this positive trend will continue in the next phase.”