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Scheduled plugin updates are available here (at no additional cost).

In recent weeks we’ve announced a number of new developer tools that make the best place to build a WordPress site: local developer app Studio, GitHub deployments, improved navigation and UI, and more.

Today we continue the trend with our latest feature: scheduled plugin updates.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual updates as there are streamlined plugin management tools designed to improve the reliability and performance of your site.

Plugin updates on your terms scheduled updates dashboard.

Our recently launched scheduled updates allow you to set the exact time and day that updates should occur, ensuring they occur when it best suits you and your customers. Best of all, this feature is free to use on our Creator and Entrepreneur plans. We won’t mention names, but update scheduling is often a paid add-on with other hosts.

At the selected time, our system will automatically check if updates are available for the plugins included in your schedule. If updates are available, the system will start the process, starting with a health check to ensure the stability of your site. Each plugin is updated individually, with another health check performed after each update to verify that everything is functioning as expected.

If a health check fails, our system will automatically roll back the update and restore the previous version. In the rare event that a rollback is not successful, our dedicated Happiness Engineers are ready to manually restore your site and assist you further.

To stay informed about what’s happening in the background, you can choose to receive an email notification after each scheduled update with a summary of which plugins have been updated, as well as any failed updates or status checks. (These emails will not be sent if no updates are found.) Additionally, you can easily track the results of the most recent scheduled run on the Scheduled Updates screen under Plugins → Scheduled Updates.

Why does it matter?

Let’s say you run an ecommerce store on Your site relies on important plugins for inventory management and payment processing. In the past, updating plugins during business hours led to downtime and lost revenue. With Scheduled Updates, you can now schedule updates for off-peak hours when you’re peacefully sleeping at home, keeping essential functionality intact during busy periods and keeping your site secure and up to date. Scheduling updates to your payment processing plugin every Sunday at 2am will significantly minimize disruptions to shoppers.

Why our scheduled updates are better

  • No extra costs: Scheduled updates are included at no additional cost with our Creator and Entrepreneur plans.
  • Multiple schedules: Create separate schedules for different plugins, offering more flexibility and control compared to competitors.
  • Specific planning: Schedule updates at a specific hour for precise timing control.
  • Customizable health check paths: Specify custom paths for health checks and testing per location, providing unparalleled flexibility.
  • To pause detailed planning: Pause individual update schedules for targeted monitoring, a feature not offered by other hosts.
  • Detailed logging: Comprehensive logging of update activities, including successes, failures, and rollbacks, ensures transparency and accountability.
  • Faster installation: Our installation process is lightning fast, with no additional information gathering or onboarding required.

How to get started's scheduled plugin updates dashboard, with one schedule set.

Creating a plugin update schedule is quick and easy:

  1. Install the desired plugins on a Creator or Entrepreneur site. (Plugins included in our subscription offering or purchased through the Marketplace are kept up to date by and do not require scheduling.)
  2. Navigate to Update Management: Plugins → Scheduled Updates. (Click here to go to the multi-location update manager.)
  3. Click on “Add new schedule” and select the desired update frequency.
  4. Choose the plugins you want to include in the schedule.
  5. Click “Create” to activate your schedule.

Visit our plugin or theme update support page for more information.

Take control of your plugin updates

Click here to get started with a free hosting trial and experience the peace of mind that comes with scheduled updates.

Stay tuned for more improvements coming soon, including the ability to create update schedules for multiple sites at once and many more features.

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