This city in Massachusetts is the most underrated city in the state

When someone thinks of Massachusetts, chances are the first city, town or region that comes to mind is Boston, Cape Cod, Salem or Nantucket/Martha’s Vineyard. Those are certainly the usual suspects when it comes to popular destinations, and for good reason. But there are certainly many more great places in the Bay State that I’m leaving out. So, what about some of those other places in Massachusetts that don’t necessarily get the recognition? Those are the more underrated places in the state. Coincidentally, we now know where the most underrated city in Massachusetts is.

Popular lifestyle publication “Today’s Homeowner” has released a list of the most underrated cities in each state, including, of course, their pick for Massachusetts. These are places that locals here may know, but if you’re a tourist you might overlook one of these hidden gems.

What and where is the most underrated city in Massachusetts?

It looks like we’ll have to head to the eastern side of the state, just north of Plymouth and Cape Cod, in a town known as Marshfield.

The coastline is definitely one of the breathtaking attractions in this city, but here’s what ‘Today’s Homeowner’ had to say about why this unique city was the most underrated city in Massachusetts:

Marshfield is located just north of Plymouth and Cape Cod and has a beautiful, walkable coastline. This coastal community is named for the many salt marshes that border the city’s brackish borders. Marshfield has a rich history dating back to the pre-Revolutionary War era; In fact, many families who own summer homes in Marshfield have owned the property for generations. This city is also known as the home of Daniel Webster, an American orator and politician.

At this point in the photos you can kind of understand why this city might be the pick for the most underrated city in Massachusetts. Of course, it’s hard to really judge unless you go through it and see it for yourself. Besides, this would be the time of year to take a road trip to Massachusetts!

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