We need to prioritize affordable housing over another hotel

This letter is from Savannahian Beth Logan.

While the cover story about the “top-off ceremony” at a new 36-room hotel was interesting and informative (a hotel named after the family whose name was on the original land deed is intriguing indeed), I can’t help but wish that Savannah was building six floors of residential buildings in place of another boutique hotel.

I urge Mayor Van Johnson and his council to prioritize affordable housing over hotel rooms before our historic district is completely turned into a Disneyland or SCAD dormitory. As Visit Savannah’s Joe Marinelli and city leaders congratulate themselves on the latest reports that tourists are now staying an average of 2.8 nights, one wonders how their meals will be prepared, their hotel rooms cleaned or their linens laundered without a huge influx of affordable housing. for our citizens.

An obvious starting point is undoubtedly the restoration of Elbert Square and the creation of mixed-use residential and commercial spaces.