West Weber inland port project moving forward – TechBuzz News

May 20, 2024, Ogden, Utah

The West Weber Inland Port Project Area Plan was adopted by the Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA), through its partnership with Weber County, and adheres to strict wetland conservation regulations.

“The County has taken a proactive stance on development in the West Weber Corridor, developing a sustainable, comprehensive and intelligent approach to managing development,” said Stephanie Russell, Weber County Economic Development Director. “The Commission has put in place precise mechanisms to scrutinize the influx of development proposals and projects. Their goal is to ensure that only the most appropriate projects are chosen and supported, with each project contributing to the economic and environmental sustainability not only of the West Weber corridor, but of Northern Utah as a whole.”

The Western Weber General Plan emphasizes short- and long-term smart growth and the conservation of natural resources. The province adheres to strict wetland conservation and other wildlife and cultural conservation regulations at the state and federal levels, as well as the UIPA Wetlands Strategy.

“The approval of the West Weber Project Area Plan by the UIPA Board underscores our commitment to promoting economic growth while ensuring environmental stewardship and respect for community values,” said Ben Hart, UIPA Executive Director. “This project will not only create high-quality jobs, but also significantly strengthen Northern Utah’s economic landscape through thoughtful and strategic industrial development.”

The UIPA is one of many stakeholders involved in the county’s efforts to direct and oversee development in the West Weber Corridor. The project plan was developed after extensive consultation with local stakeholders, including property owners, environmentalists and community members. In addition, the County Commission and the Economic Development Department maintain close partnerships and hold regular stakeholder meetings with entities such as: Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, Wasatch Front Regional Council, Utah Department of Transportation, Little Mountain Service Area, West Warren Water, Central Weber Sewer and the Utah Division of Water Quality, among others.

“The West Weber Project Area Plan is fully aligned with the Western Weber General Plan,” said Weber County Commissioner Gage Froerer. “Weber County is at the forefront of this effort to create thousands of jobs in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, defense and renewable energy for generations to come.”

The county’s resolution, approved on January 2, 2024, and the project plan address concerns about the vision, financial mechanisms and control of the project area. Although state statute grants UIPA specific development and financing powers, both the resolution and project plan specify how and when these powers may be exercised. Additionally, they include an “escape clause” should UIPA deviate from the Western Weber General Plan and the overarching provincial vision for development in that corridor.

Industry recruitment and development are limited by several existing state and federal infrastructure and environmental regulations, such as achieving air quality, the absence of water, stormwater and sewer infrastructure with long-term capacity.