The LifeScape project paves a way to the future and fills children with excitement

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“I am most excited about this fun, new adventure.”

“The new building will be beautiful.”

“I’m most excited that I don’t have to walk so far to get to school.”

There was excitement in the air as children from LifeScape’s current campus arrived to celebrate the groundbreaking of the new campus. Even though the event took place in April, everyone is still talking about the impact the new campus will have on the thousands of children served at LifeScape each year.

“I love that LifeScape is helping me,” explains Kari, one of the many children supported at LifeScape.

Not only does it help children, but it also gives employees purpose.

“After a year of teaching, I knew LifeScape was where I wanted to be,” said Brittany Dawson, director of Lifescape Specialty School and Pathways to Life Specialty School.

“We want so much for our students and this new building will be able to provide that. With more space, better living facilities, technology and room for growth, we can offer our students and employees so many more opportunities.”

With construction underway on LifeScape’s new children’s campus at Career Avenue and 34th Street North, employees like Dawson are looking forward to more space, including the 25 percent expansion that was included in the first phase for the Specialty School.

“Even the physical space will be enormous for us. There are so many students, families and school districts seeking our services that we can accommodate more families in need,” said Dawson. “We continue to grow and we need to be able to provide for families who are looking for support.”

Dawson has worked for LifeScape for half her life – 17 years – and knows the boundaries of the current campus.

“We are currently utilizing every square inch of our current building, which is hindering our ability to grow and create opportunities for our students like Dominic,” Dawson explains.

The child smiled. “I love that LifeScape is fun,” he said.

“Our building has served us well for decades, but as times change and our population of students with disabilities grows, we must adapt and create bigger and better for our students – who deserve it,” Dawson continued.

While the hallways of the current LifeScape campus envelop the lives of the children they serve, many employees are simply grateful that progress is being made on the new campus, including a prankster who enjoys going from office to office during the school day and smiling delivers.

“I like to play pranks on people,” Brayden explained. “I’m known as Captain Prankster.”

It is the smiles, laughter and hope that empower everyone who walks through LifeScape.

“I just wanted to say that I am proud to be part of LifeScape’s journey to get better every day and so grateful for our employees who work directly with our supported people and our leaders who do so much to make this new building become a reality,” said Dawson.

“Over the past 17 years, this has been my favorite part: seeing how our organization challenges each other to be better, grow and support as many people as possible. Everyone has one life to live, and I truly pray that LifeScape makes a difference in all the lives of the people we support and their families.”

LifeScape’s future is built on that hope, the pride that employees like Dawson take in the mission of empowering people to live their best lives.

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LifeScape will be doing groundbreaking work on campus, focusing on children’s services