Authorities arrive in Cauca and reveal the main impressions after the armed attack

The governor of Valle del Cauca, Dilian Francisca Toro, has rejected the attack “in the heart of Jamundí, close to the resort is where the police reside defending this community.”

“I once again appeal to the national government on the need to work collectively, to protect the southwest of Colombia and strengthen the fight against criminals,” Toro added in X public relations.

Vulnerable individuals

As of this morning, the residents of the municipality of Morales, within the Cauca division, are in danger as a result of torture at the police station in this metropolis.

“Regarding the attack on FARC opponents in Cauca, our base commander of the Armed Forces, General Hélder Giraldo, he ordered troops to be sent immediately of the army’s special unit that helps the police,” the armed forces said in a press release.