The Galaxy S24 series gets double the storage space for free and a boost in transactions

If you’re looking to buy a Galaxy S24, S24+ or S24 Ultra, Samsung is offering all three some solid deals this week, including twice the storage for free.

At this week at the latest ‘Discover Samsung’ event, the entire Galaxy S24 range is seeing some solid deals.

The entire Galaxy S24 series – S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra – are currently eligible for free double storage. For the Galaxy S24, this means you get 256 GB of storage for the price of 128 GB. On the S24+ and S24 Ultra, however, it’s an even better deal with an upgrade from the base 256GB models to the 512GB models. That upgrade usually costs $200 or more!

In addition to the double storage, there are some other offers. The best of the bunch is a free pair of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with a Galaxy S24 Ultra.

In addition, Samsung has also boosted its trade-in offers, something the company does regularly through its online store. You can get up to $600 off the Galaxy S24+, up to $535 off the S24, and up to $750 off the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Here are some of the trade-in values ​​available this week. We have printed some particularly good values ​​in bold.

On the way to the Galaxy S24 On the way to the Galaxy S24+ On the way to the Galaxy S24 Ultra
Galaxy S23Ultra $500 $600 $750
Galaxy S23+ $500 $600 $600
Galaxy S23 $500 $500 $400
Galaxy S22Ultra $450 $580 $600
Galaxy S22 $300 $300 $300
Galaxy S21 Ultra $200 $450 $550
iPhone 14 Pro Max $450 $500 $500
iPhone 12 $200 $200 $200
iPhone 11 $200 $200 $200
Pixel 7 Pro $300 $300 $300

In the meantime, there are some great Galaxy deals to be found outside of The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is down to $1,349 at Amazon, and you can find plenty more Samsung deals at 9to5Toys.

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