Prescribed burns scheduled within Flagstaff city limits on May 21

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The Flagstaff Fire Department is planning a prescribed burn on Tuesday, May 21, at the Observatory Mesa Natural Area at Forest Service Rd 515A and Westridge Rd. The fire area is approximately 123 hectares. Portions of the Observatory Mesa Trail are closed to the public during shooting operations.

Prescribed Burns, Prescribed Fire, Flagpole, Forest Service, Forestry, Wildfire, Shooting Operations, FirefightersPrescribed Burns, Prescribed Fire, Flagpole, Forest Service, Forestry, Wildfire, Shooting Operations, Firefighters

The Mars Hill, Tunnel Springs and Karen Cooper FUTS trails remain open

There will be an increased presence of firefighters in the area during the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Smoke is expected to drift northeast over the Westridge, Anasazi Ridge and Ridge Crest neighborhoods. Fire managers will work with neighboring national forests, national parks, fire departments and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to monitor smoke impacts.

Prescribed burns help restore forests to healthier conditions and improve the safety of the communities around them

Regular, low-intensity fire removes accumulated smaller fuels and recycles nutrients in the soil to promote healthy vegetation and healthy wildlife habitat. While some prescribed burns take place in remote locations, others, such as the prescribed burns that the Flagstaff Fire Department routinely conducts, target small, wooded areas immediately adjacent to neighborhoods and other developments within a community.

All prescribed burns are weather dependent. For regularly updated information on planned prescribed burns, visit For related questions, please contact Mark Adams, City of Flagstaff Wildland Community Risk Reduction Specialist, at 928-213-
2510 or [email protected].

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