Who will replace Pep Guardiola as Man City manager?

Jurgen Klopp’s exit bomb at Liverpool reminds us that nothing is forever. One day, Pep Guardiola’s reign at Manchester City will also come to an end, once he gets tired of winning all those trophies over and over again.

Who knows, maybe boredom will overtake him sooner than expected, now that he’s deprived of the prospect of further battles with the man he calls his greatest rival.

Guardiola has said he will still be at City next season, but otherwise he is a bit vaguer and it is the final year of his current contract.

But whether it’s a year from now or later, at some point in the future Manchester City will be looking for a new manager again. Who will that be then? According to the latest available odds, there’s a good chance it’s one of these guys.

10) Lionel Scaloni
The former West Ham defender and, perhaps more importantly, World Cup-winning coach appeared to indicate he could quit his job in Argentina after this summer’s Copa America, which would have him at the forefront of many of these lists but the latest indications are that he is out of contract until the 2026 World Cup, meaning this will be a matter of timing as the City job could well come up a year earlier. It’s not impossible that he signs an extension and then undergoes a Kloppe-like change of heart in 2026, but it remains more likely that the stars may not quite align for this.

9) Michael
Such is the nature of the modern game that Knows The Football Club can now also be Knows The Football Group. Michel had given Girona one of the least likely title bids ever in La Liga and ‘fading into third place behind Real Madrid and Barcelona’ still represents an astonishing overachievement. So being promoted from within the group rather than the more traditional promotion from within cannot be ruled out if this season proves to be more than the flashiest flash in the pan.

8)Eddie Howe
You would think that you would at least have to put Newcastle in the top four in perpetuity to be able to cheer. And that still seems far away at the moment.

7) Ange Postecoglou
Timing is everything here, but this definitely looks good if Guardiola’s departure from City coincides with Postecoglou getting itchy feet at Spurs, which traditionally happens somewhere around the end of season two, and he enters the ”phase hate this stupid club’ has already achieved much faster than anyone else. have anticipated. Angeball with unlimited resources could be incredible. Just as dominant as Guardiola’s City, three times the fun and eight thousand uses of the word ‘mate’.

6) Julian Nagelsmann
Shaking out the bed when you finally get the chance at a real super club is not the best way to get another chance so quickly. He is currently trying to rebuild and restore his reputation in international football, which is no easy task. However, there are some promising signs. City manager one day? Yes, we could see that. But Guardiola’s successor? Not so much. It feels like success is needed elsewhere first – would winning the European Championship with Germany be enough?

5) Mikel Arteta
Long considered Guardiola’s disciple, but now a worthy opponent at Arsenal. It may not tick the Knows The Club box as neatly as Vincent Kompany, but there is more to the old management CV. If City want to attempt an appointment with some connection to the club and the previous regime, as well as relevant work experience elsewhere, then Arteta is a clear standout candidate. If City were to lure him from Arsenal, there would also be enough water boiling in North London to power the content factories for months.

4) Zinedine Zidane
It still seems bizarre, but the idea of ​​Real Madrid specialist Zinedine Zidane turning up at Manchester City’s Barclays feels vaguely less unlikely than him turning up anywhere else in England. Certainly less foolish than the idea of ​​him putting himself through the wringer at Old Trafford.

Would certainly fit City’s idea of ​​themselves, with City now having the Guardiola-enhanced status that could appeal to the big man. And let’s not pretend that the idea of ​​Real Madrid’s most successful player-turned-manager replacing Barcelona in the City hotseat wouldn’t be oozing with deliciousness.

Anyway. It always feels like Zidane’s prominence in all these lists is the result of collective wishful thinking more than anything else.

3) Xabi Alonso
This would be quite something, but here is a manager who will almost certainly end up at one of the big clubs he represented as a player. The great thing about being a highly rated young manager who has played for Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid is that you are given plenty of options.

Has confirmed that he will spend another year at Bayer Leverkusen after this year’s unbeaten antics, raising the possibility that his timing will be better against City than any of the big clubs on his CV. It is also a risk; there must be a very good chance that the height of his reputation and prestige will be reached this summer, and two of his three ideal jobs were both available.

2) Vincent Kompany
He is the Knows The Club appointment, the Spoke Well, I Thought appointment, but he will need to show a lot more Barclays smarts than we have seen so far to confirm that there is more than City DNA in the appointment. There is simply nothing to say about City’s success in recent years that suggests the level of sentimentality such an appointment would require after Kompany so meekly took Burnley back to the Championship as part of the worst group of promoted clubs we have ever seen.

1) Roberto De Zerbi
It all went a bit wrong in Brighton in the end, didn’t it? Currently strongly linked with the currently available job at Bayern Munich, which is crazy enough for a manager with no discernible major club experience after a season that must end as a failure, but replacing the best manager in the world seems like the world at the best team in the world to be an even bigger piece.

Maybe brilliant, but it’s a big ‘Hmm, I’m not sure’ from us. A very weak favorite to say the least.