Nassau County’s 911 service is down. Instead, call the local police station, the director says

No one has access to the 911 system in Nassau County, authorities said Monday evening.

Officials were trying to reopen the line for the nearly 1.4 million Long Islanders who live there. In the meantime, residents are asked to contact their local fire brigade or police station.

“We have been informed that our 911 line is out of service,” County Executive Bruce Blakeman said in a statement. “The vendor managing the system has been contacted and is seeking an immediate resolution.”

Some residents posted screenshots on social media of a text alert they said they received from Nassau County, showing a jumble of numbers for various offices.

This isn’t the first time a 911 system has gone down in the area, leaving people without access en masse. In 2013, New York City’s 911 system experienced repeated power outages on multiple days, leading to delayed response times for residents trying to access emergency lines. The year before, the city’s EMS 911 system was briefly disabled one morning before officials restored it that afternoon.

Nassau County residents can contact the fire department at 516-742-3300.

Contact information for the local Nassau County Police Department can be found below:

First District: (516) 573-6100

Second District: (516) 573-6200

Third District: (516) 573-6300

Fourth District: (516) 573-6400

Fifth District: (516) 573-6500

Sixth District: (516) 573-6600

Seventh District: (516) 573-6700

Eighth District: (516) 573-6800

This is a developing story and will be updated.