Labor issues two-week ultimatum to defaulting states over implementation of old N30,000 minimum wage

Organized labour, comprising the Nigeria Labor Congress and the Trade Union Congress, on Monday directed the state chapters to issue a two-week ultimatum to defaulting states on the implementation of the old minimum wage of N30,000.

The informant247 established that the decision was made during a jointly held meeting of the National Executive Council, which took place on Monday.

According to a joint statement by NLC’s National President, Joe Ajaero, and TUC’s National President, Festus Osifo, the unions were of the view that “NEC-in-session further directed all State Councils whose State Governments have yet to fully meet the national minimum of N30.00 have to implement. wages and consequent adjustments to immediately issue a joint two-week ultimatum to the guilty state governments to prevent industrial action.”

The unions also called for a one-day action in Anambra State, following what was described as the inability of the state government to address the demands of civil servants in the state.

“Consequently, the NEC-in-session accordingly reaffirms the joint ultimatum of NLC and TUC earlier given by its state councils to the Anambra State Government. It therefore directed all members and workers in the state council to mobilize their members to ensure successful action in case the state government fails to meet the workers’ demands before Thursday, May 23, 2024.

“In the event that the government fails to meet the stated demands within the stipulated time frame, the NEC authorizes the leadership of the NLC and TUC to take appropriate measures including but not limited to the mobilization of workers for peaceful protests and industrial actions, to pressure these demands for social justice and workers’ rights.

“NEC, therefore, calls on all member unions and workers, including civil society organizations across Nigeria, to remain united and steadfast in solidarity during this critical period. Together we will prevail in our pursuit of a fair and just society that guarantees the dignity and well-being of all its citizens,” the statement said.