Strava is unveiling a range of new features, including dark mode and AI, at its annual Camp Strava event

Strava, the popular social fitness tracking platform, recently held its annual Camp Strava event, where it unveiled a host of new features that will be rolled out later this year. With Michael Martin at the helm as the new CEO, Strava appears to be focusing on improving user experience, security and data integrity. This information was initially revealed by Strava and spread on various tech news platforms. One of the most anticipated additions is a ‘Dark Mode’ for the mobile app, a feature that has become standard across many applications. Strava users, both free and paid, will soon be able to choose between always-on dark mode or have it match their phone’s settings. It is expected to be available by the end of the summer.

In an effort to cater to families and groups of friends, Strava also announced an upcoming family subscription plan. While pricing details have yet to be announced, the plan allows up to four people to share one paid membership. More information can be found on Strava’s website, although the exact costs remain under wraps.

Safety and route discovery will also get a boost with the introduction of night-time heat maps. These maps filter activities recorded between sunset and sunrise, allowing users to discover busy routes for safer nighttime workouts. Additionally, a new quick edit feature simplifies the process of making common changes to recorded activities, such as changing activity names, start times, and location sharing settings.

Strava is also entering the field of artificial intelligence (AI) with the new ‘Athlete Intelligence’ feature. This feature uses large language models and analyzes user data to provide insights into training, performance metrics, and suggestions for improvement. It even takes into account upcoming events and current injuries, making it a personalized virtual coach.

AI will also play a role in maintaining the integrity of Strava’s leaderboards. The platform plans to introduce AI-powered leaderboard integrity to better detect and flag irregular, unlikely or impossible activities. In this way, an e-bike ride that is incorrectly labeled as a regular bike ride can be identified and corrected. While these features have yet to be implemented, they are an exciting addition for Strava and its users.