Local school budgets, Board of Education candidates on May 21 ballot

May 20, 2024

By Rick Pezzullo—

Voters in the region will go to the polls on Tuesday, May 21, to weigh in on the annual budgets presented by local school districts, as well as candidates running for seats on the Board of Education.

School taxes represent approximately two-thirds of a property owner’s annual tax bill.

Below is a summary of what each district in the coverage area is proposing, what the Board of Education hopes will happen, and where and when residents can cast their votes.


Budget: $84.29 million (including additional support for special education, math, literacy, social studies and a girls soccer team).

Expenditure increase: 2.9%

Increase in taxation: 3.27%

Council of Education: (one seat) Trustee Vikas Agrawal, Michelle Spiniello

To vote: Ardsley High School 6am to 10am, 2pm to 9pm

Dobbs Ferry

Budget: $57.59 million

Increase in expenses: 4.2%

Increase in taxation: 4.28%

Council of Education: (two seats) Vice President Brooke Bass, Trustee Penny Sullivan-Nunes

To vote: Dobbs Ferry High School 7am to 9pm


Budget: $59.6 million

Expenditure increase: 3.5%

Increase in taxation: 3.2%

Council of Education: (three seats) President Alexander Dal Piaz, Vice President Doreen Bucher, David Barone, Catherine DiMartino

To vote: Hastings High School 7am to 9pm


Budget: $76 million

Expenditure increase: 4.1%

Taxation: 1.9% decrease

Council of Education: (two seats) 1st Vice President Susan Brunenavs, 2NL Vice President Beth Propper

To vote: Main St. School from 7am to 9pm

Pocantico Hills

Budget: $31.7 million

Expenditure increase: 3.69%

Increase in taxation: 1.79%

Council of Education: (one seat) Trustee Brian Geary, Scott Graves

To vote: Pocantico Hills School Gym 7am to 9pm


Budget: $97.6 million (including two capital projects: renovation of two middle school science classrooms and door security upgrades at middle and high schools).

Expenditure increase: 4.4%

Taxation: Mount Pleasant up 4.9% ($734 average homeowner), Greenburgh down 1.9% ($304 average homeowner)

Council of Education: (three seats) President Michelle DeFilippis, Vice President Cecelia Gordon, Trustee Krista Barron

To vote: WL Morse School Café and Washington Irving School Auditorium 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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