Chambers Bay village gets parking meters – The Suburban Times

Visitors to the Village at Chambers Bay will soon see new 90-minute parking meters along Market Place West.

The meters are intended to ensure a fair and equitable turnover of parking spaces for the patronizing businesses in the village, especially for those with accessibility and mobility problems. Business owners in the Village on Chambers Bay have raised concerns that some vehicles, without time limits, are taking up the same spaces for hours and prohibiting other customers from enjoying the proximity of the village’s businesses.

For those making a quick stop, there are still a few free 15-minute parking spaces available, as well as free stalls along Bridgeport Way West and in the parking garage.

After studying several other options, the city determined that parking meters are the most cost-efficient and effective solution for the community and village businesses. Money raised from the meters will contribute to their maintenance and support parking management in the village, including more than 500 free parking spaces in the village on Chambers Bay and free parking along Bridgeport Way West.