Abuja Light Rail ready for commercial operations – Wike

Commuters in the Federal Capital Territory will soon breathe a sigh of relief as the FCT administration completes the construction of the Abuja Metro rail line.

This comes seven days before the official inauguration of the project by President Bola Tinubu.

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Barrister Nyesom Wike, who on Monday declared the Abuja Light Rail ready for commercial operations after a final inspection of the project, expressed satisfaction with the facilities on site.

He also expressed joy at fulfilling the mandate given to him by President Bola Tinubu upon assuming office, to ensure that the Abuja Light Rail is completed before he completes a year in office.

Wike noted that the railway line will be fully open to commuters desiring alternative modes of transportation from the Central Business District, through communities along the airport road to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.

He said, ‘Thank God Almighty that we are ready to go. We are ready and you can view the facilities. Only we have identified one or two things that were left out during design, but we believe that during full operation some of these things will be taken into account.

“In particular, I believe that on a standard metro line where passengers have to wait before boarding the train, there should be air conditioners, and I also thought that some stations should have elevators for people who are very old or people who may are already old. not having the strength to walk or climb the stairs.

“Apart from that, I think we are happy with the work that has been done, and we think Nigerians will be happy, especially the people of the FCT.

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“The lack of these facilities will not hamper the operation; they are exactly what will make the passengers more comfortable.

“When operations start, these are things they can take care of. It won’t stop the operation.

“Without the access roads to the train station, the metro line would not be necessary. How will people from different communities reach the stations?

“But we thank God that we saw the access road; you can just take your car, park at the station, board the train, go wherever you want to go, and still come get your vehicles and go back to wherever you live.

“So we are very happy, and we thank God that Mr. President’s promise has been fulfilled.

“Mr. President said he was going to deliver, and he gave us as ministers a marching order. We have no choice but to ensure that Mr. President’s promise, his renewed hope agenda, and Nigerians have come to see that this is reality.

“Everything was made possible by God and the support Mr. President has given us in the FCT. We are doing well because Mr. President has given us all the necessary support.

“Assuming we don’t get his support, this wouldn’t have been a reality today.”