Delaware’s unemployment report meets the national average

Delaware’s unemployment rate now stands at 3.9%, the same as the national average. | PHOTO COURTESY of ADOBE STOCK

DOVER – Delaware’s unemployment rate now matches the U.S. average, with hundreds of jobs added back to the market in the past month, according to state officials.

In April there was a gain of 2,100 jobs and a loss of 700 job seekers in the labor force, according to the Delaware Department of Labor Monthly Report released on May 17. Delaware’s total labor force fell slightly to 506,300.

The labor force includes not only workers and those receiving unemployment benefits, but also those looking for work and not receiving assistance. Because workers no longer seek work for a variety of reasons ranging from retirement to child care, they are no longer considered unemployed in the state.

Delaware’s unemployment rate mirrors the national average of 3.9%. But for the First State, the unemployment rate increased slightly from March of last year, closing the gap between the state average and the national average by an average of 10 basis points.

The Delaware Department of Labor report is prepared monthly during the calendar week containing the 12th day.

As of April 2024, there were a total of 19,800 unemployed Delawareans, slightly more than where the state stood in April 2023. But there was also a slight decrease of 200 people in March.

The official monthly unemployment rate is obtained by looking at ongoing unemployment insurance claims and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics survey of residents on their employment status. It tracks not only those receiving benefits, but also those who are ineligible, such as laid-off workers, those who have resigned and the self-employed.

Delaware’s ranking among states has remained steady in recent months. According to the US, the First State now ranks 34th in April Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is connected to Michigan. Still, Delaware follows some neighboring states such as Maryland and Pennsylvania.

For the month of April, Pennsylvania remained at 3.4%, rising to 25th. Maryland continues to enjoy one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Although it falls three spots behind, Maryland still has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, tied for fifth place behind New Hampshire. Both states have 2.5%. Delaware is still ahead of New Jersey, which ranked 46th, with an unemployment rate of 4.7%.

California still has the highest unemployment rate at 5.3%. A total of 35 states matched the national average or had lower unemployment rates in April. Both North Dakota and South Dakota had the lowest unemployment rates at 2%.

Delaware’s three counties saw varying unemployment rates in April, with New Castle, Kent and Sussex counties reporting rates of 3.6%, 4.2% and 3.8%, respectively. However, these statistics are not seasonally adjusted.

Wilmington and Dover, the state’s most populous cities, have seen a larger impact on job losses. Wilmington reports that 5.5% of workers are unemployed, a slight decrease from March. Meanwhile, Dover reports an increase in the unemployment rate, bringing it to 6%.

The most significant job growth last month was in professional and business services, which created 600 jobs. The leisure and hospitality sector created 400 jobs, followed by the construction sector with 300 jobs. The government created 200 jobs, while manufacturing, trade and transportation, financial activities, and private education and health care created 100 jobs each.