Warmonger Victoria Nuland calls for attacks on Russian bases

Warmonger Victoria Nuland calls for attacks on Russian bases
Globalists are pushing humanity to the brink of WWIII

ABC news’ Martha Raddatz spoke Sunday with former Biden administration Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland about the war between Russia and Ukraine.

During the interview, Nuland claimed that America should provide EVEN MORE military support to Ukraine as Russia is clearly winning the battle.

She told Raddatz: “They have to be able to stop these airstrikes coming from bases in Russia. So I think there’s also a question about whether we, the United States and our allies, should give them more help in attacking Russian bases, which we haven’t been willing to do.

When asked if she thinks Ukraine should attack military bases in Russia, Nuland confirmed that she does and blamed Russia for “escalating” the war.

Raddatz pointed out that the Biden administration believes Ukraine attacking Russian bases would escalate the war and drag the U.S. further into the conflict.

“So, what makes you think that’s a good idea?” Raddatz asked Nuland bluntly.

The former Biden official again suggested that Russia, not the US or Ukraine, is escalating the war.

Nuland then bizarrely claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to “restore the Soviet Union” and that he is “willing to sacrifice the future of Ukraine and the Russian people” for his “crazy imperial ambition.”

She added: ‘I think the Covid period of him being in isolation just made him more paranoid.’

Regarding Republicans and the millions of American citizens who do not support the country that is funding Ukraine’s struggle, Nuland promoted the unsupported theory that Putin will not stop at Ukraine and then start invading NATO countries.

The ruthless warmonger also pointed out that the military-industrial complex is making a fortune from the war, boasting about the arms manufacturers that supply Ukraine with weapons and employ people in 30 US states.

Internet users roasted the globalist warhawk: