Voting error in the district was discovered ahead of Tuesday’s election

The error was reportedly corrected without incident, but nearly 70 registered voters in Athens-Clarke County Commission District 2, where a nonpartisan election Tuesday will decide who will fill the seat for four years starting in January, were at one point incorrectly assigned to Athens. -Clarke County Commission District 5, where no elections are scheduled for Tuesday.

Vying for the District 2 seat are incumbent Melissa Link, a progressive firebrand with interests in affordable housing and historic preservation, and entrepreneur Jason Jacobs, a political newcomer in central Athens, running on a platform that highlights differences among the progressive ranks of bridges the community and citizens with other people. positions.

The 66 affected voters, at addresses between 147 Oglethorpe Avenue and 545 Oglethorpe Avenue – between Prince Avenue and Holman Avenue – are being notified of the incorrect precinct assignment by county elections office staff through a door-to-door effort. District 2, in central Athens-Clarke County, and District 5, immediately west and north of District 2, share a border along a portion of Oglethorpe Avenue.

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According to a Friday news release from the county, at that time, “no voter in this portion of the Oglethorpe Avenue addresses had cast an incorrect in-person or absentee ballot.”

The error was first noticed on May 13, when an early voter alerted poll workers that the District 2 race, which should have appeared on their ballot, was not there. Two days later, a second voter noticed the same error and alerted poll workers.

In both cases, voters received ballots that included the District 2 election, according to the county news release. Follow-up investigations by election workers found that no incorrect votes were cast in the District 2 race, the news release said. The erroneous commission district assignments, which were corrected on May 16, trace back to changes last year in constituency boundaries and polling stations.

The boundaries of the voting district, which determine which polling place a voter must go to to cast their vote, are not the same as the boundaries of the commission district. Depending on their home address, voters in a particular voting district can cast ballots for offices in different political boundaries on Election Day.

Changes to polling places are relatively routine and may become necessary if a particular polling place is no longer made available to the county.

“During the process of updating the Oglethorpe Avenue address information for Precinct 5C at Johnnie Lay Burks Elementary School,” the county explained in its press release, “the commission district was incorrectly changed from Commission District 2 to Commission District 5.”

Anyone who lives anywhere in Athens-Clarke County and wants to ensure they vote correctly on Tuesday can visit the My Voter page on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website, , go for a complete picture. they must be handed in at their polling station in advance of the vote.