EPA awards $1 million to the city of Pueblo for cleanup and redevelopment projects

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(AGENPARL) – 20 lun maggio 2024 Released: May 20, 2024 (3:02 PM EDT)
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EPA awards $1 million to the City of Pueblo for cleanup and redevelopment
Brownfields provide financing to address property pollution and stimulate the economy
revitalization and redevelopment of historic buildings, including a National
Historical landmark
PUEBLO, Colo. (May 20, 2024) – America’s Environmental Protection Today
Agency (EPA) announced that the City of Pueblo will receive $1 million
Brownfields provide funding to support environmental assessments and cleanup
and redevelopment of critical properties in Pueblo, Colorado.
These investments are part of the agency’s Brownfields Multipurpose,
Assessment and Cleanup Programs (MAC).
“EPA’s Brownfields Grants support critical cleanup and cleanup efforts
redevelopment projects in communities across Colorado,” according to EPA Regional
Manager KC Becker. “We look forward to seeing these funds transform
destroyed sites in Pueblo’s Eastside, Bessemer and Downtown neighborhoods
in new assets.”
“Every family should be able to live in the richest country in the world
in a clean environment,” said Senator Michael Bennet. “This funding will do that
rightfully supports Colorado communities disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change
infection. These grants will help Colorado communities clean up safely
contaminated sites, protect their health and rebuild in a way that creates jobs
and economic opportunities.”
The grant will focus on the geographic area of ​​Pueblo called the Y-Zone,
including revitalization projects in the Eastside, Bessemer and Downtown
neighborhoods. The funding will be used to carry out substantial asbestos abatement
El Centro Del Quinto Sol Community Center, the east side
the only community center in the area.
“The City of Pueblo is pleased to receive this EPA Multipurpose grant
will help our city restore a community center that is underutilized
important historic spaces and assist the private sector in their redevelopment
numerous vacant positions,” said Mayor Heather Graham. “This multi-year
Investing in Pueblo will help us clean up buildings and reinvest in our buildings
historic neighborhoods of Bessemer, Eastside and West Side and converts vacancies
The City of Pueblo has designated the El Centro del Quinto Sol Community Center as the
first priority cleaning location of the project. Formerly built as the Fountain School
in 1904 the community center now houses a popular skate park and outdoor
space with several monuments to the Chicano civil rights movement. The city
will use the grant funding to upgrade services and expand offerings
community center, which will require significant asbestos abatement across the country
Another priority site identified in this project is the Steel Works History
Museum, the former Bessemer steel mill headquarters
neighborhood and is not a National Historic Landmark. The building
requires comprehensive asbestos control and restriction of other hazardous substances
building materials before it can be redeveloped. Grant funding will be used
complete cleaning planning for possible reuse and preserves the steel
heritage in the Bessemerbuurt.
Additional priority locations include two locations identified from a 2020 community
Broad assessment grant, identifying more than 60 brownfields sites. MAC
grant funding will be used to promote the reuse of the former Black Hills Energy
Plant 5 & 6 Priority location and consolidate abandoned railroad properties to the
State Land Board priority location. Reuse of the Plant 5 & 6 location, and
will promote consolidation of the Land Board’s abandoned railway properties
redevelopment and preservation of an important historic structure.
This project will leverage the City of Pueblo’s commitment to 100%
renewable energy in its operations by 2035. The revitalization work is funded by
this grant promotes the reuse of historic buildings and eliminates waste
landfills. Reuse of existing infrastructure will also help limit urban development
sprawl and conservation of water resources, and creating new housing opportunities
Keeping residents in their chosen neighborhoods.
Breakdown of state funding
Brownfields Multipurpose, Assessment, and Cleanup (MAC) Grant Program
The City of Pueblo is one of six Colorado organizations selected
to receive EPA Brownfields funding through the Multipurpose, Assessment, and
Cleanup (MAC) grant programs. Additional grantees announced today include:
The city of Greeley, Colorado has been selected to receive $500,000.
The City of Northglenn, Colorado has been selected to receive $2,750,000.
The City of Kersey, Colorado has been selected to receive $1,132,899.
Metro West Housing Solutions, (Lakewood) Colorado has been selected to receive
The city of Monte Vista, Colorado has been selected to receive $1,000,000.
Additional background:
The EPA’s Brownfields Program advances President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative
which set a target that would amount to 40% of the total benefits of certain federal lands
investments flow to communities marginalized by underinvestment
overloaded by pollution. About 86% of MAC and RLF supplement
program applications selected to receive funding proposed to work in areas
including overburdened communities.”
The EPA’s Brownfields Program began in 1995 and has generated nearly $2.7 billion
in Brownfield Grants to assess, clean up and return contaminated property
affected properties to productive reuse. Before the bipartisan
Infrastructure Act made this program available approximately $60 million each
year. Thanks to the president’s historic investments in America through the
The bipartisan infrastructure bill, EPA, has now increased that annual investment
almost 400 percent.
To view the list of Multipurpose, Assessment and Cleanup applicants for FY 2024
selected for funding visit EPA’s FY 2024 Multipurpose, Assessment and
Web page for cleanup applicants.
For more information about EPA’s Brownfields Program, visit EPA’s Brownfields
web page.
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