Woman fabricated attempted rape, kidnapping, officers say

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A Bristol Township woman’s report of an attempted rape and assault at Langhorne Square in Middletown Township last month led to the wrongful arrest and 31-day incarceration of an innocent man before the accuser admitted to making up the story, according to a report the court papers filed Monday.

On April 16, Middletown Township police were called to a report of an attempted rape and assault at the Langhorne Square shopping center on East Lincoln Highway. The incident, which took place near Redner’s Market, led to the arrest of Daniel Pierson, 41, from Yardley, the following day.

Anjela Urumova, 20, reported the incident to police, claiming a man grabbed her from behind as she left her truck between 7:50 and 8:10 p.m. Urumova claimed the man tried to pull down her pants and drag her about 5 meters. toward his truck, which was described as an older blue Ford with a “Thin Blue Line” sticker and visible dents and rust.

Upon police arrival, Urumova was found visibly bleeding from her right lip and provided a detailed description of the attacker’s vehicle and the route he took from the parking lot, authorities said.

Middletown Township police used the agency’s automatic license plate reader system to identify a truck matching the description and linked it to Pierson, whose physical appearance matched Urumova’s description, authorities said.

Pierson was arrested April 17 and charged with attempted kidnapping, attempted rape, false imprisonment and other crimes. Due to the serious charges, he was jailed on $1 million bail.

The case made local and regional news, including several evening TV broadcasts.

Urumova identified Pierson with 60 percent certainty from a photo lineup, leading to the charges, authorities said.

However, additional investigation by Middletown Township police and Bucks County detectives revealed inconsistencies in Urumova’s story, according to court papers obtained Monday by

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Pierson’s family reportedly passed on new information to police, who were collecting and reviewing security camera footage from the area where the alleged attack occurred, police said.

Surveillance footage from multiple retailers in the area showed Urumova’s vehicle, but did not capture Pierson’s truck or a similar vehicle following the path described, police said.

Furthermore, data obtained by a district detective from Urumova’s iPhone contradicted her story. No steps can be seen recorded during the time she claimed to have walked to and from Redner’s Market, police said.

Last Thursday, detectives met with Urumova and she retold what happened, claiming Pierson assaulted her. She even showed damage to her phone, police said.

During the meeting with detectives, Urumova was told that investigators could not pinpoint the incident on security camera footage and she stated that she may not have been clear on the truck’s route out of the mall. The young woman added that Pierson was “creepy” and that she had seen his truck at the mall before when she worked there, police said.

Last Friday, during another meeting with investigators, Urumova admitted to making up the entire incident, police said.

The young woman stated that the injury to her lip was caused by her grandmother, who suffers from dementia, and that she scratched her waist while working, police said.

Urumova admitted to targeting Pierson because she found him “creepy” and had seen his truck in the parking lot earlier, authorities said.

When an investigator asked, Urumova told them she planned to tell the truth before Pierson’s next court hearing, police said.

In the charging documents, detectives wrote that Urumova had numerous opportunities to tell police she was not being truthful and that Pierson was wrongly imprisoned.

Pierson was released from prison last Friday.

Urumova was charged with false alarm to a public security agency, false report to falsely accuse another, false report for a crime that did not occur, unsworn forgery against authorities, unsworn forgery against authorities with forged or altered documents, unsworn forgery against authorities with a false sample/object, and tampering/fabrication of physical evidence. She had a preliminary arraignment before District Judge Chuck Jonas at 1:45 p.m. and was held on 10 percent bail of $30,000.

Editor’s Note: All persons arrested or charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The story was compiled using information from police and public court documents.

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