Quoting an old video, PM Modi corners Cong’s ‘Shehzada’ in Muslim sanctuary during Bengal rally

New Delhi: Tackling polls in West Bengal on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi described both the Congress and the Trinamool Congress as ‘sinking ships’ and predicted their demise in the ongoing elections.

However, the Prime Minister’s sharp indictment against Rahul Gandhi and the ecosystem that protected Congress’s “dangerous designs” attracted the most attention at the hustings and also on social media.

At a public meeting in Jhargram, Prime Minister Modi launched a frontal attack on the Congress and its ‘Shehzada’ over promises of reservations for Muslims, as seen in the viral video.

“Today I saw a video on social media in which Congress’s Shehzada says his party will provide reservations for Muslims. This shows the very communal nature of the Congress,” Prime Minister Modi told the gathering.

He said the video is ten to twelve years old but shows the party’s “dangerous plans” and also leaves a stern message for the ecosystem that has been trying to cover it up all these years.

“The ecosystem that has been working to save the skin of these extreme communists should also listen carefully to the Congress prince who is openly saying that the party will give reservations to Muslims,” PM Modi said at the meeting.

The old, undated video shows Rahul Gandhi challenging the then Mulayam Singh regime in Uttar Pradesh to announce reservations for Muslims.

“They came to power three times but never announced any reservations. The Manmohan Singh-led Congress government will give reservations to the Muslim brothers,” Rahul said in the viral video.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Modi also taunted the INDI Alliance, saying they had grown tired in the first phase of the elections and feel “defeated and decimated” in the fifth phase.