EPA awards more than $3.2 million for cleanup and redevelopment projects in Northglenn and Lakewood

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EPA awards more than $3.2 million for cleanup and redevelopment projects across the US
Northglenn and Lakewood
Brownfields provide funding to address property contamination and promote incentives
affordable housing redevelopment projects
Metro West Housing Solutions (Lakewood): Jill McGranahan, (303) 987-7761,
NORTHGLENN, Colo. (May 20, 2024) – America’s Environmental Protection Today
Agency (EPA) has announced more than $3.2 million in Brownfields grants
supporting environmental assessment, clean-up and redevelopment of critical buildings
properties in the communities of Northglenn and Lakewood, Colorado. The city
of Northglenn will receive $2.75 million to clean up contaminated soil
lead and arsenic on the grounds of the Northglenn Recreational Center. Metro West
Housing Solutions, in partnership with the Lakewood Housing Authority, will do that
receive $500,000 to remediate asbestos and lead-based paint in the Belmar
Groves Apartments property.
These investments are part of the agency’s Brownfields Multipurpose,
Assessment and Cleanup Programs (MAC).
“EPA’s Brownfields Grants are helping Colorado communities redevelop
destroyed properties,” said EPA Regional Administrator KC Becker. “The
The financing we are providing to Northglenn and Lakewood will help reclaim the land
contaminated buildings and soils and pave the way for new businesses
safe, affordable housing.”
“Every family should be able to live in the richest country in the world
in a clean environment,” said Senator Michael Bennet. “This funding will do that
rightfully supports Colorado communities disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change
infection. These grants will help Colorado communities clean up safely
contaminated sites, protect their health and rebuild in a way that creates jobs
and economic opportunities.”
“As the first representative for the 8th District, I fight for everyone
corner of the Front Range and Northern Colorado to get their share of
federal funding,” said Congresswoman Yadira Caraveo. “Today we have one
important step in the right direction with major federal investments in
Greeley, Northglenn and Kersey. The federal grant of more than $4.3 million
announced by the EPA this morning will move toward cleaning up toxic sites and
laying the foundation for economic renewal in abandoned locations
or left to decay, ensuring our communities are ready for the future economy
good luck.”
City of Northglenn: $2.75 million
The City of Northglenn will use EPA Brownfields funding to address the soil
contamination at the former site of the Northglenn Recreational Center. The
A 6.85 hectare estate has remained unused since a new leisure center was built
built in 2021, and developers have identified soil contamination as a
major barrier to redevelopment.
“Northglenn is incredibly grateful for this support. This area is
busy and loved in our community, adjacent to a popular park, new
recreation center and soon a new city hall,” said Mayor Meredith
Leighty. “For a city our size, the cleanup costs were enormous and likely
take years to achieve. The EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant makes that possible
Continue to create usable, safe and useful space for our residents
now and plan for future development.”
The municipality has committed to reusing the site and removing asbestos
old building of the recreation center in the final stages of completion. The places
strategic central location within the community allows for easy access
existing infrastructure, including water, sanitary sewer, a public road, and
regional detention and water quality.
Brownfield subsidies will remove a barrier by remediating contaminated areas
soil, allowing developers to breathe new life into the site. The city will work too
with developers committed to the integration of environmentally sustainable
practices in the redevelopment, which will result in lower energy costs
for both residents and companies.
The proposed reuse of the site is estimated to create 122 multi-family homes.
34 townhomes and 17,600 square feet of commercial and retail space
in turn create new employment.
Lakewood Housing Authority dba Metro West Housing Solutions: $500,000
Metro West Housing Solutions (MWHS) in partnership with Lakewood Housing
The authority will use EPA Brownfields grant funding to clean up the Belmar Groves
Apartments, located on a site of 4.9 hectares and offering 118 homes spread over 11
buildings. Characterization of the location has shown that all 118 access doors are coated
in lead-based paint, while asbestos occurs in plasterboard, vinyl floors,
and fire-resistant space under the floor.
EPA funding will remediate these contaminants and facilitate their conservation
and redevelopment of existing affordable housing, which will be significant
increase property values ​​and reduce vacancy at Belmar Groves Apartments
“The redevelopment of Belmar Groves will breathe new life into an outdated area
50 year old apartment community. It will provide homes for another 50 years
low-income households. MWHS can also get involved with this redevelopment
deeper levels of affordability to meet the needs of the Lakewood community,”
said MWHS Chief Real Estate Officer Brendalee Connors. “The EPA grant
will allow the development to complete the necessary environmental measures
work. By covering some of those costs, we can complete additional costs
working on the building systems that will improve the quality of life for our people
Residents and staff.”
Breakdown of state funding
Brownfields Multipurpose, Assessment, and Cleanup (MAC) Grant Program
Northglenn and Metro West Housing are among six organizations in Colorado
have been selected to receive EPA Brownfields funding through the
Multi-function, assessment and cleanup (MAC) programs. Additionally
beneficiaries announced today include:
The city of Greeley, Colorado has been selected to receive $500,000.
The City of Kersey, Colorado has been selected to receive $1,132,899.
The city of Monte Vista, Colorado has been selected to receive $1,000,000.
The city of Pueblo, Colorado has been selected to receive $1,000,000.
Additional background:
The EPA’s Brownfields Program advances President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative
which set a target that would amount to 40% of the total benefits of certain federal lands
investments flow to communities marginalized by underinvestment
overloaded by pollution. About 86% of MAC and RLF supplement
program applications selected to receive funding proposed to work in areas
including overburdened communities.
The EPA’s Brownfields Program began in 1995 and has generated nearly $2.7 billion
in Brownfield Grants to assess, clean up and return contaminated property
affected properties to productive reuse. Before the bipartisan
Infrastructure Act made this program available approximately $60 million each
year. Thanks to the president’s historic investments in America through the
The bipartisan infrastructure bill, EPA, has now increased that annual investment
almost 400 percent.
To view the list of Multipurpose, Assessment and Cleanup applicants for FY 2024
selected for funding visit EPA’s FY 2024 Multipurpose, Assessment and
Web page for cleanup applicants.
For more information about EPA’s Brownfields Program, visit EPA’s Brownfields
web page.
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