Hillsborough County Public Schools will receive $2 million

Source: Kathy Castor Facebook Kathy Castor speaking at the Bowers/Whitley Building Construction Academy.


Congresswoman Kathy Castor announced a $2 million grant for Hillsborough County Public Schools to the Bowers/Whitley Building Construction Academy.

The money comes from two grants: federal funds from this year and a community project fund from last year. Castor said Tampa seeks out and encourages students to pursue these highly skilled careers.

“Hillsborough County Schools is working with local employers and stakeholders to determine which sectors we need to train young people in. What are the job areas we need in the Tampa Bay area? Certainly, everyone knows this is happening in the construction and medical industries right now,” Castor said.

The investment supports the Bowers/Whitley program and the DW Waters Medical Academy. Kenneth Waite, a plumbing and construction technology teacher at Bowers/Whitley, said these grants are a much-needed boost to the program.

“I have been with the district for ten years and they have always struggled with money. They give us what they can, but a lot of things had to come through donations,” Waite said. “With this money we can buy what we need.”

The prize goes towards obtaining supplies, completing construction projects and installing solar roofs.