Storm causes widespread damage in Bandgaon Block villages

Heavy rain and strong winds uproot trees and destroy roofs in several villages

Heavy rains and strong winds caused extensive damage in the villages of Otar, Nakti, Hudangada and Karaikela, causing extensive damage to houses and infrastructure.

CHAIBASA – Heavy rain and strong winds caused severe damage in Otar, Nakti, Hudangada, Karaikela and Landupoda panchayat villages of Bandgaon block on Sunday evening.

The storm destroyed the roofs of many houses.

Several large trees were uprooted and fell on roads and houses, causing significant damage.

In the Nakti area, traffic was completely disrupted due to fallen trees.

Villagers immediately felled and removed the trees, restoring normal traffic flow.

In Otar Panchayat village in Jonuva, asbestos roofs were blown away from the houses of Budhu Bandra, Bagun Bandra, Antu Bandra, Vikram Tiyu, Sadhu Charan Bodra and Manohar Tiyu.

On Monday, in Ichahatu village, Hudangada Panchayat, a large tree fell on Sonaram Gagrai’s house causing significant damage.

The roofs of the houses of Ranglal Mahato, Pradeep Mahato and Lal Bahadur Mahato were also blown away.

In Landupoda Panchayat, Sonu Barik’s house was completely destroyed by the storm.

The affected families have demanded an investigation and immediate assistance from the government.

Block chief Peter Ghanshyam Tiu stated that the damage caused by heavy rain, wind and hail is extensive.

Inspections are being carried out village by village to assess the damage.

Government assistance will be provided to the affected families.

The community is urged to cooperate with local authorities during the inspection process.

Residents are advised to remain cautious and report any further damage.

Efforts are being made to ensure timely relief and rehabilitation for the victims.

The incident underlines the need for better preparedness for natural disasters in the region.

Local authorities are working to address the immediate needs of affected families.