What Cities Grow in Henry? View the latest census estimates.

Aerial photo shows various subdivisions with houses on small plots (special photo).
(special photo)

What cities are growing in Henry County? The US Census Bureau has released its 2024 population estimates for cities. They shared population estimates for counties earlier this year.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that two towns in Henry County are increasing in population. They estimate that the other two cities are experiencing population losses.

City population estimates for 2024

Over the past year, McDonough and Locust Grove have increased in numbers. Meanwhile, Hampton and Stockbridge are losing population. The latest population estimates from the census bureau for each city include the following:

  • Stockbridge – 35,452
  • McDonough – 32,138
  • Locust Forest – 10,730
  • Hampton-8,290

The census bureau estimates that Henry County has a total population of 254,613. This was 6,000 more inhabitants than the year before. All estimates are as of July 1, 2023.

Now let’s look at each city:

Stock Bridge

Decrease of 0.6% between 2020 and 2023

April 2020 July 2022 July 2023
35,686 35,657 35,452


Increase of 10.6% between 2020 and 2023

April 2020 July 2022 July 2023
29,058 30,346 32,138

Grasshopper forest

Increase of 19.9% ​​between 2020 and 2023

April 2020 July 2022 July 2023
8,949 9,759 10,730


Decrease of 1.1% between 2020 and 2023

April 2020 July 2022 July 2023
8,381 8,379 8,290

The US Census Bureau released its city population estimates on May 16, 2024. April 2020 population figures are from the 2020 census. Annual estimates may be revised later.

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A look into the future

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) updated its long-term forecasts earlier this year. They estimate that Henry County will have a population of 346,000 by 2050.

Metro Atlanta is now the sixth largest metro in the US. This past year it surpassed Philadelphia and Washington DC. The ARC estimates that the region will grow to 7.9 million inhabitants by 2050. This represents an increase of 1.8 million people since the 2020 census.

The featured image shows an aerial view of subdivisions in Locust Grove. Special photo.