Oxxo is rationing bags of ice for customers in Mexico City

While Mexicans prepare to sweat it out the third heat wave of the yearthe ubiquitous Oxxo supermarket chain began restricting the sale of bags of ice cream.

Over the weekend, Oxxo – which has more than 20,000 stores in Mexico – announced it was limiting customers in Mexico City to three bags of ice per person due to increased demand.

Oxxo's policy limits ice cream sales to three bags per customer in Mexico City.Oxxo's policy limits ice cream sales to three bags per customer in Mexico City.
The policy could soon apply in other cities in Mexico as a third heat wave begins this week. (Edgar Negrete Lira/Cuartoscuro)

The decision came after a significant increase in complaints on social media about the lack of ice and other items such as beer and soft drinks in Oxxo stores.

“(The policy) aims to give a greater number of people the opportunity to purchase bags of ice,” Oxxo’s parent company Femsa said, while acknowledging that the policy could also be applied in other cities in the country.

Stores and distributors in several cities had to turn away customers looking for ice cream last weekend as supplies ran out.

Mexico’s state-run newspaper El Sol de Toluca reported that a long line of vans idling outside a local ice cream distributor at 7 a.m. Saturday were eventually told that no ice would be available. A distributorship employee said customers were traveling to Toluca from Mexico City, 40 miles away.

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) has announced that from Monday temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius will accompany the latest heat wave.

The problem of water scarcity in Mexico City has also complicated the situation thanks to the rising demand for flavored water and iced drinks, La Jornada newspaper reported. Over the weekend, some cafes and restaurants had to repeatedly send employees on lengthy searches for ice.

With reports from Milenio, El Sol de Toluca, López-Dóriga Digital And La Jornada