Belleville and Nutley will receive funding for a seat belt enforcement campaign

BELLEVILLE-NUTLEY, NJ – Belleville and Nutley are among the cities that will receive funding to implement a “Click It or Ticket” seat belt enforcement campaign in 2024, state officials announced Monday.

The annual traffic campaign aims to “increase awareness among drivers and passengers about the lifesaving importance of wearing seat belts,” according to a press release from New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin and the Division of Highway Traffic Safety (HTS).


The campaign, which runs through June 2, will provide grants to law enforcement agencies across the state so they can increase enforcement of seat belt requirements in New Jersey.

This year, 119 New Jersey law enforcement agencies received $766,010 from the HTS to help pay for increased road patrols, seat belt checks and other enforcement initiatives during the “Click It or Ticket” campaign.

Belleville is expected to receive $8,750 as part of this year’s funding wave. Nutley gets $7,000. View the full list here.

Why is the annual effort necessary? Here’s what state officials had to say:

“According to the most recent data from 2022, there were 140 unbelted fatalities in New Jersey, and 39 percent of all motor vehicle occupant fatalities were unrestrained, compared to 44 percent nationally. And over the past five years, nearly 16 percent of all unrestrained occupants killed in car crashes in New Jersey were between the ages of 20 and 24, compared to 13.5 percent nationally.”

In New Jersey, a seat belt violation ticket can cost $46 for a first offense, officials noted.

Last year, law enforcement agencies participating in the statewide “Click It or Ticket” campaign issued 6,989 seat belt citations, wrote 2,320 speeding tickets and made 232 drunk driving arrests.

“Seat belts save lives – we want that message to be loud and clear,” Platkin said. “And the campaign we are announcing today will provide law enforcement agencies with resources to strengthen that basic but critical point.”

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