Star Trek Picard originally planned to reveal even more about the fate of the Enterprise-E

Fans are left wondering what might have been if the show had taken a deep dive into the largely unexplored lore of that particular version of the series. Company. While the Company-E was the last ship under the Next generation command of the crew, most fans only know it from three different voyages, its debut in Star Trek: First Contactand then in the (underrated) Revoltand the (rightly despised) Nemesis. The Enterprise-D, on the other hand, appeared in all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. So while the -E may have had a sleeker design and modern upgrades, like less beige and no carpeting, it was the -D That Star Trek to know and love more intimately.

That said, the -E lived on afterwards Nemesis in non-canonical works, in which Worf took command of the ship after Picard received a promotion to admiral. The 2020 Star Trek: Picard prequel novel The last best hope by Una McCormack followed Worf’s rise to captaincy, something mentioned in other works. But also already The last best hope Presenting itself as the continuing story of the Klingon Starfleet officer, early discussion surrounding Worf in season three described him as being on “a different path” that took him away from the Federation. This led many to believe that in the official canon he was never the Company-E captain.

This bit of backstory makes Matalas’s solution to the CompanyE ask even better. Not only does it ensure that everyone can concentrate on the -D, but it confirms that Worf was indeed the captain of the previous ship. In fact, it reminds everyone of the camaraderie these characters shared on the Enterprise-D.

“You can say (Company-E) is in storage or we are repainting it,” Matalas explains. “That’s possible, but I thought it was much funnier when they all turned to Worf and he said, ‘It wasn’t my fault.’ So everyone’s like, ‘What the hell happened?’ That is much more fun.” The joke does indeed answer the big question, but allows the audience and crew to enjoy being together as they take another look at the -D, their favorite ship.

In fact, the joke doesn’t rule out the possibility that someone will eventually tell the story of Worf’s final adventures. “Was it lost in an interdimensional rift and is it still out there somewhere? Was it an accidental self-destruction? Who knows?” Matalas pondered.

Paramount+ did drop some hints at an answer in social media posts they shared via Instagram. Called “The Picard Files,” these messages contain background information on key characters and ships, such as Dianna Troi and the USS Titan. According to the USS Enterprise article, the -E’s final mission is “secret.”