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Ranveer Singh, one of the most dynamic actors of Bollywood, is currently facing challenges with his upcoming projects. After the backlash to his announcement of ‘Don 3’, his involvement in the much-awaited film adaptation of ‘Shaktimaan’ is also facing hurdles. Despite ongoing discussions about Singh playing the iconic superhero, Mukesh Khanna, who originally played Shaktimaan on television, has expressed strong reservations about this casting choice.

Ranveer Singh recently visited Mukesh Khanna’s office in an apparent attempt to resolve the disagreement and discuss his potential role in the film, as reported by senior journalist Nasim Khan. This visit underlines Singh’s commitment to the project and his desire to honor the legacy of the beloved character. Two years ago, Sony Pictures announced plans for a high-budget film adaptation of “Shaktimaan”, with an investment of Rs 200-300 crore, aimed at an international level of production.

Mukesh Khanna, who became a household name for his portrayal of Shaktimaan, has spoken out about his opposition to Singh playing the role. Khanna’s disapproval stems from his belief that Singh is not suitable for the character. He even referenced Singh’s controversial nude photo shoot, suggesting that such actions make Singh unfit to embody the moral and virtuous superhero. Khanna noted that Singh might be better suited to roles in other markets where such behavior is more accepted.

Responding to Khanna’s objections, the film’s producers clarified that although Khanna had brought Shaktimaan to life on TV, he does not own the copyright to the character. Therefore, the casting decision rests solely with the makers of the film.

The recent meeting between Ranveer Singh and Mukesh Khanna indicates that Singh is keen to find common ground and gain Khanna’s support for his portrayal of Shaktimaan. Interestingly, all of Khanna’s previous critical posts about Singh on YouTube and Instagram have been deleted, indicating a possible softening of his stance or a strategic move to reduce public controversy.

Although not yet confirmed, Singh’s continued efforts to engage with Khanna point towards a resolution that could see him officially take on the role. The situation remains fluid, but the meeting is a positive sign for fans eager to see a modern rendition of the iconic superhero on the big screen.

The journey to bring ‘Shaktimaan’ to theaters remains complex, marked by public disagreements and behind-the-scenes negotiations. Ranveer Singh’s visit to Mukesh Khanna’s office is a testament to his dedication to the role and his respect for the original portrayal of the character. As developments unfold, fans of “Shaktimaan” are waiting with bated breath to see if Singh can bridge the gap and step into the shoes of the legendary superhero, potentially heralding a new era for this beloved franchise.