New Poll Confirms Florida National Parks’ Outrageous Support for Everglades Restoration · National Parks Conservation Association

Polls from Florida Atlantic University and NPCA show that Floridians overwhelmingly support national parks, Everglades restoration efforts and solutions to climate change.

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Today, the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) released new polling conducted by Florida Atlantic University’s Business and Economics Polling Initiative (FAU BEPI). This new poll indicates that Floridians overwhelmingly support national parks and Everglades restoration.

FAU researchers conducted two surveys, one among 1,000 Florida residents statewide and another specifically among 500 Miami-Dade County residents, to determine their views on climate change and the protection of Florida’s natural areas. Survey questions for each group gauged respondents’ support for Everglades restoration, outdoor recreation and protecting national parks from threats.

The surveys showed great results:

• 85% of Floridians agree that it is important to find solutions to climate change given the impact it has on our national parks. o In fact, more than 70% of respondents in Miami-Dade County say they have already personally experienced the impact of climate change on their lives. o Support for climate change solutions in Florida is higher than the national average, compared to a previous NPCA survey from 2022.

• 89% of Floridians value preserving Florida’s natural resources as our state grows to ensure that future generations can enjoy our state’s natural beauty.

• 86% of Floridians agree that our leaders have a duty to protect and restore the Everglades for the benefit of our state’s economy, water supply and quality of life.

You can view the full report and all findings here.


Polling of Florida National Parks

A new poll from Florida Atlantic University’s Business and Economics Polling Initiative and NPCA confirms Floridians’ exceptional support for national parks, Everglades restoration and climate change solutions.

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These results indicate strong bipartisan support for restoration and conservation efforts in Florida, with statewide respondents identifying as Republican (34%), Democrat (30%), and Independent (27%) and a small part indicate that they are not a party (9%).

Throughout South Florida, NPCA staff and volunteers campaign to protect national parks from the impacts of climate change, biodiversity loss, inappropriate development and other threats. At the same time, NPCA is advocating for restoration investments to improve water quality ecosystem connectivity across the state.

For example, the NPCA recently won a lawsuit requiring a marine sanctuary to protect Biscayne National Park from overfishing. Further inland, workers are fighting to prevent oil and gas exploration in Big Cypress National Preserve. NPCA is also a leader in the decades-long movement to restore America’s Everglades. Additional polling from FAU BEPI indicates support for these campaigns:

• In Miami-Dade County, 85% of respondents support using Marine Protected Areas as a conservation tool in national parks to build healthy ocean and marine ecosystems.

• 85% of Floridians agree that national parks should be protected from extractive industries such as oil drilling and mining.

• 81% of Floridians agree that Big Cypress National Preserve should be fully restored from damage caused by oil hunting and protected from new industrial oil development within its boundaries.

Statement from Cara Capp, Senior Everglades Program Manager for the National Parks Conservation Association:

“Florida’s national parks, which protect our iconic waterways and unique wildlife, are the lifeblood of our state. This new poll shows how much Florida residents revere the River of Grass ecosystem, which provides us with clean drinking water and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. Across the board, these findings from the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative show stunning support for our parks.

“Across party lines, national park advocates in Florida understand that bold action is needed to protect our parks and communities from climate change, overdevelopment and extractive industries. From restoring America’s Everglades to protecting our coral reefs at Biscayne National Park and our critical wetlands at Big Cypress National Preserve, the time for that bold action is now. National parks in Florida are worth fighting for. This is our home and we will stand up for it if necessary.”

Statement from Monica Escaleras, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Economics and director of the Business and Economics Polling Initiative at Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business:

“We are pleased that the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative can collaborate with the National Parks Conservation Association on an issue that impacts all Floridians, the state’s economy and the preservation of national parks for generations to come. As this poll shows, Everglades restoration and the impacts of climate change are top of mind for many Floridians, showing that leaders must take restoration seriously. ”


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