EverWind Fuels collaborates with the Port of Rotterdam: a green hydrogen revolution begins

In a groundbreaking move that underscores the growing global commitment to green energy, EverWind Fuels, a North American leader in green hydrogen development, has announced an exciting new partnership with the Port of Rotterdam. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the green hydrogen supply chain and mark an important step towards a sustainable future.

A strategic alliance with the largest seaport in Europe

On May 15, 2024, officials from the Province of Nova Scotia joined EverWind Fuels in celebrating this groundbreaking partnership. The Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest and most vital seaport, serves as the main energy distribution hub to Northwestern Europe, including Germany’s industrial powerhouse, the Ruhr area. This alliance positions EverWind’s Atlantic Canadian green hydrogen projects at the forefront of Europe’s green energy transition.

“Rotterdam has been a trusted hub for decades,” says Boudewijn Siemons, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority. “Now it is ready and able to make the transition to hydrogen. We are pleased that EverWind’s green hydrogen and green ammonia production are among the first volumes from North America to land in Europe.”

Leading in the production of green hydrogen

EverWind Fuels recently completed its front-end engineering design (FEED), a critical milestone that includes more than 110,000 hours of engineering. This achievement marks FEED’s first completion of a large-scale green hydrogen and green ammonia production facility in North America, setting a new standard for the industry.

Nova Scotia Prime Minister Tim Houston expressed his excitement about the project: “Nova Scotia is poised to become a world leader in green hydrogen production. Our government is excited to host EverWind’s Point Tupper project, which will deliver green jobs and a clean, sustainable future for Nova Scotians.”

Transforming energy supply chains

Through the collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam, EverWind’s green hydrogen production will support the port’s ambition to become an international hub for hydrogen production, import, application and transport. Rotterdam expects to import eighteen million tons of hydrogen by 2050, while advanced preparations have already been made to receive green ammonia in 2026. This collaboration promises to reshape the energy supply chain and increase the availability of green fuels in Northwestern Europe.

“Building successful green hydrogen projects requires a global supply chain,” said Trent Vichie, founder and CEO of EverWind Fuels. “We are confident that our projects in Atlantic Canada will produce the greenest, most cost-competitive green hydrogen in North America to decarbonize carbon-intensive processes at home and abroad.”

Pioneering green energy in North America

EverWind Fuels is leading the green hydrogen revolution in North America. The company received North America’s first environmental approval for a large-scale green hydrogen project and is well advanced in the design, engineering and development of its green energy generation and production facilities. These facilities will convert renewable energy into green hydrogen and green ammonia, essential components for the green energy transition.

The company’s operational excellence is evident in its safety-first culture, with 18 years of no lost-time accidents, and its strategic position with the deepest ice-free berth on the East Coast of North America. This position provides world-class access to rail, roads and pipelines, crucial for efficient logistics and distribution.

Commitment to community and environmental stewardship

EverWind Fuels is not only focused on technological and industrial advancements, but also advocates for meaningful engagement with local communities and First Nations. With three First Nations equity partners, EverWind is committed to social and economic reconciliation and works closely with municipalities and stakeholder organizations to ensure broad benefits from its projects.

The company’s project on the Burin Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador is an example of its commitment to environmental stewardship. This initiative, supported by extensive environmental data collection and the largest wind measurement campaign in the province, aims to deliver green energy at scale and support global industrial giants in their transition to sustainable energy.

A visionary leadership

Led by Trent Vichie, co-founder of Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners and former Blackstone Partner, EverWind Fuels is guided by a team of more than 20 seasoned professionals. The team’s diverse experience spans the infrastructure, private equity, renewable energy, engineering and utilities sectors, supported by a world-class advisory team including industry leaders such as Black & Veatch, ILF, RES and others.

As the world turns to sustainable energy solutions, the partnership between EverWind Fuels and the Port of Rotterdam represents a monumental leap forward. This collaboration not only advances the green hydrogen supply chain, but also sets a benchmark for future projects, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable world.


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