Why India needs three salary wedges to move beyond reservations and reduce injustice

Why India needs three salary wedges to move beyond reservations and reduce injustice

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Rahul Gandhi’s quota ceiling strategy mirrors Indira Gandhi’s tactics on quotas from Neerja Chowdhury’s book. In 1980, she guided P. Shiv Shankar in handling the Mandal Commission report, highlighting the delicate balance of the impact of quotas. By 2047, India wants to go beyond reservations and adopt an abundance mentality, focused on employment and education, and leave scarcity thinking behind.

Indira Gandhi is said to have been amused by Rahul Gandhi’s recent comment at an election rally that Congress will use legislation to breach the 50% quota ceiling if voted into office. Neerja Chowdhury’s 2023 book, How Prime Ministers Decide, contains the former prime minister’s nuanced instructions to her law minister P. Shiv Shankar in 1980 on handling the Mandal Commission report: ‘Aisa Action Taken Report likhiye ki saanp bhi mar Jaye aur Laathi Bhi

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