Ongoing border tensions with Pakistan: many civilian casualties while the Taliban remain silent

The Pakistani army has launched artillery attacks on parts of Paktia and Khost provinces in the southeast of the country since last Monday. Pakistani soldiers have been in contact with Taliban militants in the border areas of Dand Wa Patan, Aryob Zazi and Samkani districts of Paktia province, as well as Zazai Maidan district of Khost province.

Sources from these two provinces speaking to the Hasht-e Subh Daily indicated that most of the casualties during the five-day clashes in the border areas of these districts were inflicted on civilians. They say dozens of families have been forced to flee their homes because they have been targeted by Pakistani forces and have sought refuge in remote areas far from the border.

According to sources, five civilians were killed in Dand Wa Patan, Samkani and Aryob Zazi districts of Paktia province and 12 others were injured in these clashes. Sources indicate that several houses, shops and a mosque were destroyed in these clashes.

Sources confirmed that three Taliban fighters were also killed and eight others injured in the fighting.

Meanwhile, no information is available about possible casualties among Pakistani soldiers in these clashes.

On the other hand, some residents of border areas report that the authorities of this group have remained in deadly silence after five days of intense fighting between Taliban fighters and Pakistani soldiers.

Abdul Rahim, one of the residents of Dand Wa Patan district in Paktia province, says he has been forced to take refuge in Samkani district of this province due to the escalation of clashes. According to him, people in this district were also targeted by gunfire from Pakistani soldiers two nights ago.

Abdul Rahim, a resident of Paktia province’s Dand Wa Patan district, said he has been forced to take refuge in the province’s Samkani district due to the escalation of clashes. He stated: “Two nights ago, people in this district were also targeted by the gunfire of Pakistani soldiers.”

This resident of Dand Wa Patan, Paktia, noted: “Thursday witnessed heavy fighting. We took refuge with our families in our friends’ house in Samkani district, but last night Pakistani artillery shells also targeted these areas. In one house two young men were killed, in another house several others were injured. Now I’m not sure where to look for shelter. There is no one to be held responsible.”

Haji Miagul, another resident of Zazai Maidan district of Khost province, recounts the attack by Pakistani forces on parts of this district as follows: “It was almost sunrise when I heard several explosions. When we woke up, I realized that shells were raining from the Pakistani side, towards the Taliban positions and surrounding villages. This situation lasted almost two hours. The body of a Taliban member was taken to the district center and it is not clear what happened next.”

While the exact cause of these clashes and their extent remain unclear, sources have confirmed that the clashes started after Pakistani soldiers attempted to establish a checkpoint in the border area of ​​Spin Shagi in Aryob Zazi district of Paktia province, which was met with resistance of the Taliban.

Meanwhile, the Taliban have clashed intermittently with neighboring countries, mainly Pakistan and Iran, in border areas over the past nearly three years.

In the latest development, the Atlantic Council, in a report to the Secretary General of the United Nations, stated that the risk of conflict between Afghanistan and its neighbors has increased following the takeover of the country by the Taliban and is currently at a critical point located.

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