Tidy Towns jury will not be influenced by election posters – Minister

The rating for Tidy Towns will not be influenced by local and European election posters, Rural Communities Minister Heather Humphreys has confirmed.

Fianna Fáil Senator Robbie Gallagher has written to Community Development Minister Heather Humphreys asking for the ruling to be postponed until later. election posters have been removed.

He said candidates have the right to put up posters and other campaign materials, but their impact is significant Neat cities must be taken seriously.

“In some cases there are billboards that can be quite large that can block the displays that the Tidy Towns may have,” he said.

“(Participants) are concerned about this, which is why I have written to Minister Humphreys asking her to consider delaying the ruling.”

The Youghal Tidy Towns sign with a boat.  Image: Andy Gibson / Alamy Stock photo The Youghal Tidy Towns sign with a boat. Image: Andy Gibson / Alamy Stock photo

The assessment takes place each summer in the participating areas on an unspecified date to ensure that the assessment is done in secret.

Under the Litter Pollution Act 1997, candidates have one week after the election to remove their campaign materials.

Local and European elections will take place on June 7ehas asked Mr. Gallagher to postpone the judging for Tidy Towns until June 14 to ensure all posters are gone.

“In this case, the Tidy Towns group being concerned about their particular area losing points won’t be a problem,” he said.

Neat cities that judge the time

Mr Gallagher said local communities are “grateful” to the participants who maintain hygiene in the city all year round.

“Some of them are now concerned that after all their hard work they might lose points because of posters and billboards being put up,” he said.

The Department of Rural and Community Development said it “facilitates the governance of Tidy Towns” but is not involved in the assessment process.

“The assessment of competition entries generally takes place during the months of June and July,” the report said.

Ms Humphreys clarified that when judging takes place during an election, judges are “aware that election posters may be displayed, within the permitted timeframe”.

“The ministry has informed the panel of judges that posters placed within the permitted timeframes should not affect the Tidy Towns score,” the ministry said.

Registration to vote in local and European elections closes today.

Main image: Posters for the 2021 Dublin Bay South by-election. Image: Leah Farrell /