King William asks VDOT to lower speed limit along part of Route 360 ​​– Daily Press

KING WILLIAM — Route 360 ​​in the Central Garage area of ​​King William County is the economic center of a fast-growing county.

County officials, concerned that high current road speeds could hinder business growth and endanger citizens, have called on the Virginia Department of Transportation to consider lower speed limits in busier parts of the county.

On May 6, the King William Board of Supervisors passed a resolution requesting VDOT to conduct a speed reduction study for certain portions of Route 360.

“There are some questions about speeds in certain areas in the Central Garage area,” with some residents calling for crash investigations, vice-chair Justin Catlett said.

The resolution notes that Route 360 ​​from Hanover County in the west to King and Queen County in the east is “the most traveled route in King William County.”

A speed limit of 60 km/h applies on a large part of the highway. The resolution “requests that VDOT conduct a speed reduction study that would expand the 70 mph zone to begin at the intersection of
Sharon Road and Route 360 ​​and end at the intersection of Venter Road and Route 360.”

“It is the desire of the King William Board of Supervisors to ask VDOT officials to consider lowering speed limits in certain portions of this corridor to provide a safer travel experience through Central Garage,” the resolution said.

A longer reduced speed limit zone “will provide additional economic development opportunities in both the east and west directions,” the resolution adds.

On May 6, the board voted unanimously in favor of the speed reduction study. Sheriff Don Lumpkin also supports the investigation.

David Macaulay, [email protected]