New tourist guide shows Long Island

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A new tourist inspiration guide shows Long Island as a destination.

The 60-page magazine-style guide, published by Discover Long Island, a destination marketing organization, is available in both print and digital formats. It contains insider tips, stories and detailed maps, as well as information about sights and events in the area, and transport.

Most pages include a QR code so readers can access additional details on the Discover Long Island website, as well as options to book reservations. The organization distributes 100,000 copies throughout the year to hotels, Long Island MacArthur Airport, consumer and trade shows and events, as well as to those who request a copy. The guide has also been approved for distribution at the Long Island Welcome Center, which officials say draws about 5,000 cars a day.

“We are proud to unveil and distribute the new edition of the Long Island Inspiration Guide, which provides the perfect balance of intriguing content and stunning images that showcase the beauty and scope of our unique destination,” said Kristen Reynolds, president and CEO of Discover Long Island. in a press release.

“The guide borrows our expertise, as an accredited destination marketing organization, in showcasing the world-class attractions, culture, events, restaurants and city centers that comprise our region, while directing the reader to the extensive and up-to-date digital content on via strategic QR codes, which extend the evergreen status of the guide,” she added.

The first part of the guide provides detailed information by region, including the Gold Coast, North Shore, South Shore, Fire Island, North Fork, South Fork and Shelter Island. Subsequent sections are activity based, followed by a three-page fold-out map of main roads, beaches and towns.