Capital Mayor inspects restoration work on Khawlan Street


SANA’A May 20, 2024 (Saba) – The mayor of the capital, Dr. Hammoud Abbad, today, Monday, inspected the progress of the implementation of rehabilitation and restoration works on Khawlan Street in Al-Sabeen district, as part of the emergency project financed by the local government.

Abbad was informed about the works carried out, from the missile tour to the Dar Al Haid Junction, with a length of three thousand hundred meters, under the emergency project carried out by the implementing unit for the establishment, maintenance and development of roads and public places at the secretariat.

He heard from the engineers of the executing unit explanations about the performance level of the works carried out for the intended section, indicating that the asphalt works will be completed.

Capital Mayor stressed that engineers must intensify their work and quickly complete the asphalt works in the targeted section of Khawlan Street as the first phase within the emergency works project, which includes maintenance of the streets most affected by the torrential rains.

He emphasized that the capital has approved the Khawlan Street rehabilitation and maintenance project in the local government plan for next year, as part of the priority service projects that contribute to improving services to citizens.


source: SABA