AI models are getting smarter faster and faster, but how smart can they become?

With Nvidia becoming the most valuable company in the world this week, if only for a few days, it’s clear that the race to develop even better generative artificial intelligence models isn’t slowing down.

This week we saw Anthropic make a leap forward in its major language model of Claude, along with news that OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever’s new startup SSI is aiming to create a “secure superintelligence.” and OpenAI buys real-time database provider Rockset. And investors continue to do their best to keep the race going, pouring $400 million into Poolhouse – who? – and eagerly await a possible IPO by Nvidia AI chip rival Cerebras Systems.

Still, the question is how many LLMs can make progress in the short term. According to benchmarks from Sierra Technologies, the startup of former Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor and former Google executive Clay Bavor, most LLMs fail at more complex tasks. Plus, Wired looked into how the popular AI search service Perplexity works, and it doesn’t look good.

Back in the mainstream, Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Antonio Neri talked about hybrid cloud and edge as the key to AI at the company’s Discover event this week, with a boost from Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. But HPE’s proposed acquisition of Juniper ran into a regulatory problem.

Meanwhile, on the regulatory front, the Justice Department has sued Adobe over its subscription policies and the Commerce Department has banned Russia-based Kaspersky Labs from selling its cybersecurity software in the US. And social media can be hit with tobacco-style warnings, not to mention New York State Governor Kathy Hochul signed a bill intended to counter the harm caused by social media.

This and other news will be discussed in detail in John Furrier and Dave Vellante’s weekly podcast theCUBE Pod, which will be released this afternoon on YouTube. Also, don’t miss Vellante’s weekly deep dive, Breaking Analysis, out this weekend.

Here’s the week’s news and analysis from SiliconANGLE and beyond:

AI and data: no delay in LLM progress

Nvidia surpasses Microsoft to become the most valuable company in the world (at least until Thursday, when shares fell 3.5%)

OpenAI acquires business information retrieval startup Rockset

Anthropic Launches Claude 3.5 Sonnet to Raise the Bar for Model Intelligence in Coding and Visual Processing

OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever launches startup to develop ‘secure super intelligence’

Bessemer’s latest State of Cloud report predicts AI’s global dominance

This is not a good picture for Perplexity to say the least. But I think the real problem, even beyond the scraping, is not just Bafflement, but the fact that generative AI “makes things up” is an inherent property that is also a bug for some of the use cases it is applied to – and not something that is inevitably resolved with more data: Bewilderment is a bullshit machine, says wired

Bret Taylor and Clay Bavor’s startup claims to be doing better: AI startup Sierra’s new benchmark shows that most LLMs fail at more complex tasks

Report: Apple’s generative AI ambitions likely to be delayed in China

Money matters

AI chipmaker Cerebras Systems, a competitor of Nvidia, has reportedly filed for an initial public offering

AI coding assistant startup Poolside reportedly raised $400 million

Genspark raises $60 million for its AI-powered search engine

Daydream Raises $50 Million to Transform Online Shopping Using Personalized AI Discovery

Tinybird raises $30 million for its real-time data platform

Decagon raises $35 million to transform customer service with more ‘human’ AI agents

AI-powered e-commerce accounting startup Finaloop raises $35 million

CuspAI raises $30 million for the discovery and evaluation of AI-designed materials on demand

Multi-model database startup SurrealDB raises $20 million and announces entry into cloud beta

Substrate will raise $8 million to simplify the development of AI applications

Materia is launching with $6.3 million to provide generative AI support to public accounting firms

More new models and services

Runway introduces a new Gen-3 Alpha video generation model

Meta’s Fundamental AI Research Team releases new AI models for audio generation, text-to-vision and watermarking

IBM’s generative AI-powered application automation tool Concert is now generally available

Oracle’s APEX now supports natural language prompts to simplify app development

McKinsey’s offering aims to bridge the gap between AI prototypes and manufacturing

Adobe is integrating more generative AI features into Acrobat

Researchers introduce OpenVLA, an open-source generalist AI model for robotics tasks

Finbourne raises £55m to break down financial data silos with AI

LogicMonitor says new AI assistant can reduce IT operations alerts by 95%

NICE customers offer best practices for adopting AI in the contact center

HPE is investing heavily in AI

News and analysis from a surprisingly energetic HPE Discover. The AI ​​tide is really lifting a lot of enterprise boats, especially ones like HPE that are joined at the hip with Nvidia:

Elsewhere in the company

Governments crack down on technology:

Amazon’s first union is working with the Teamsters In the meantime, Amazon was fined by California for failing to disclose employee quotas

Amazon will spend 10 billion euros on expanding its cloud and logistics activities in Germany

Nvidia is reportedly acquiring incident automation startup Shoreline for $100 million

SUSE acquires Kubernetes observability startup StackState

Pure Storage adds AI features to improve performance and detect attacks

Oracle Autonomous Database is now an Azure service

Aryaka introduces a dedicated network for accelerating generative AI workloads

FinOps Foundation introduces a unified billing model for cloud computing

D-Wave announces a new hybrid quantum solver for commercial applications supporting 2M variables

Salesforce Launches Life Sciences Cloud to Organize Clinical Trials and Reach Patients

A lot of money continues to flow into cybersecurity

Huntress raises $150 million at a $1.5 billion+ valuation for its managed cybersecurity platform

Cyber ​​resilience startup Semperis raises $125 million to expand enterprise identity protection

Post-quantum cryptography startup PQShield raises $37 million

Israeli startup Aim Security raises $18 million to boost generative AI security

Entro Security Raises $18 Million to Expand Global Identity and Secret Security Operations

To attack

Ransom demands have been placed on Snowflake users due to an alleged breach by third-party contractors

Cyberattack on CDK Global disrupts car sales in North America

Hackers demand $50 million ransom from UK lab provider after hospital disruption

Suspected key member of Scattered Spider cybercrime group arrested in Spain

AMD investigates alleged data theft as stolen data appears for sale on BreachForums

Barracuda Report: AI-Enabled Phishing Is Increasing Email Security Threats

LockBit’s resurgence sees ransomware attacks reach an all-time high in May

New products

Zeus Kerravala summarizes Zscaler’s recent conference: Zscaler Zenith Live ’24 touts predictions of breaches, zero trust, and expanded partnership with Google And Shelly Kramer analyzes the Google partnership along with her own event overview: Strategic alliance between Zscaler and Google to improve enterprise security and access

EchoMark says it has the definitive answer to data exfiltration

Cato Networks introduces a new partner program to simplify managed SASE services

ZeroFox Unveils New Mobile App for Real-Time Physical Security Information

Next DLP launches Secure Data Flow to prevent data theft and improve security

Elsewhere in technology

Waabi Raises $200M for AI-Powered Autonomous Trucks, Targeting Launch in 2025

GrayMatter Robotics raises $45 million to automate difficult manufacturing operations

French quantum computing startup C12 raises €18 million to stabilize qubits with carbon nanotubes

Varjo unveils Teleport, a service that allows smartphones to turn real places into VR scenes

Niantic launches Studio for web-based, immersive 3D and mixed reality creation

Come and go

Developer cloud provider DigitalOcean appoints AWS AI, machine learning, and data infrastructure veteran (and CUBE alum) Bratin Saha chief product and technology officer

What’s next

Conference season is slowing down, but here are a few:

June 23-27: Design Automation ConferenceSan Francisco

June 25-27: World Exhibition for AI EngineersSan Francisco: New to me, but a pretty decent lineup of speakers

June 26-27: Figmas ConfigurationSan Francisco

Income: Wednesday June 26: Micron

Image: SiliconANGLE/Ideogram

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