Micro-drip irrigation transforms lives in Chikwawa district – Malawi Nyasa Times

The micro-drip irrigation introduced by the NCA/DCA Country Joint Program project in Chikwawa District has been praised by members of the Ngabu community for its transformative impact on their lives.

According to the host of the project, Alex Steven Bango, from Gogo village, Senior Chief Nkhwangwa led by T/A Ngabu in the district, before the implementation of the irrigation system, the area was plagued by hunger and traditional subsistence farming was insufficient to to provide for a living.

“Initially, the community faced challenges due to climate change, resulting in minimal or no yields,”

“However, with the introduction of micro-drip irrigation by NCA/DCA, the situation has improved significantly,” says Bango.

He highlights the significant increase in agricultural yields, which now produce surplus produce for both consumption and commercial purposes.

“This newfound agricultural productivity has enabled community members to pay essential expenses such as school fees, which were previously out of reach,” he added.

Bango thanks the project’s financiers for their support in facilitating this development.

According to Bango, efforts are currently being made to ensure the sustainability of the project even in the absence of NCA/DCA, and measures are being taken for continuity.

Malita Jingeni, one of the beneficiaries with four children from the same area, urged other community members to adopt micro-drip irrigation for a better farming experience.

Jingeni highlights the tangible benefits that come from this farming method and encourages those who have not yet embraced it to join, highlighting the missed opportunities for improvement.

Currently, the project has positively impacted the lives of 173 individuals within the community, marking a significant change in their socio-economic circumstances.

With funding from NORAD through Nansen grant, the micro-drip irrigation is being implemented in the area under the one-year ‘Believe in Farmers: Boosting Local Production for Food Security in Malawi’ project, which started in July 2023 and is moving to is expected to be phased out gradually. in June 2024.

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