This city was voted the best place to live in New Jersey

There are plenty of wonderful places to live in New Jersey, from the rural lifestyle of far South Jersey, to the suburbs of major metropolitan areas, to cities with quaint, walkable downtowns; there are many choices and many reasons why people choose to live where they live.

That makes choosing a ‘best’ place to live quite difficult; it depends on which metrics you use. That didn’t stop Stacker, the people who ranked everything, from deciding which New Jersey city would wear the crown.

They relied heavily on Niche’s ratings (which prizes the quality of schools and family-friendly amenities) to rank the cities.

Here are the top 5:

5️⃣ Pennington: the Mercer County district has:

⚫ Population: 2,780
⚫ Median household income: $166,957
⚫ Median home value: $563,000 (81% homeownership)

4️⃣ Plainsboro: located in Middlesex County, the statistics for Plainsboro are:

⚫ Population: 2,766
⚫ Median household income: $112,629
⚫ Median home value: $461,200 (32% homeownership)

Middlesex County (Canva)


3️⃣ Montgomery Township: the city of Somerset County has;

⚫ Population: 23,558
⚫ Median household income: $224,185
⚫ Median home value: $700,800 (85% owner-occupied)

Somerset County (Canva)


2️⃣ Princeton connection: another city in Mercer County, Princeton Junction’s snapshot:

⚫ Population: 2,022
⚫ Median household income: $209,554
⚫ Median home value: $633,700 (79% owner-occupied)

1️⃣Princeton: Princeton, a third-place participant in Mercer County, takes the top spot with:

⚫ Population: 30,450
⚫ Median household income: $176,695
⚫ Median home value: $971,200 (59% owner-occupied)

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

According to Home & Money,

With its pleasant suburban atmosphere, safe neighborhoods, abundance of attractions, friendly residents, and low crime rate, Princeton is a great place for families to settle.

All five top cities have A+ primary and secondary schools, in both public and private institutions.

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