EPA awards $3 million for cleanup and redevelopment projects in Sioux Falls, Lead and rural communities in South Dakota

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EPA awards $3 million for cleanup and redevelopment projects in Sioux Falls,
Leading and rural communities in South Dakota
Brownfields grants to SDDANR and SDSTA to boost the community and economy
revitalizing Sioux Falls, Lead, Box Elder and Lake City
Sioux Falls, SD (May 20, 2024) – America’s Environmental Protection Today
The Agency has announced $3 million in Brownfields grants to support the
environmental assessment, remediation and redevelopment of critical properties
communities throughout South Dakota. The EPA awards are given to two
beneficiaries. The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources
(SDDANR) will receive $2 million in EPA Brownfields funding for high-priority projects
projects in several South Dakota communities, including Box Elder, Lake City
and Sioux Falls. The South Dakota Science and Technology Authority (SDSTA)
will also receive $1 million to assess and clean up contaminated properties
the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) in Lood.
These investments are part of the agency’s Brownfields Multipurpose,
Assessment and Cleanup Programs (MAC).
“EPA’s Brownfields Grants continue to help South Dakota communities
transform blighted properties,” said EPA Regional Administrator KC Becker.
“Today’s funding will support leaders in Sioux Falls, Lead, Box Elder and
Lake City is reclaiming and restoring contaminated buildings and outdoor spaces
towards safe and productive reuse as companies and public facilities.”
The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources: $2 million
The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources will receive the aid
a $2 million EPA Brownfields grant to help local leaders assess and clean up
properties in Sioux Falls (Falls Park, Quarry Lake and Sioux Empire
Fairgrounds) Lake City (Fort Sisseton State Park) and Box Elder (Villa
“The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources is
committed to the protection and conservation of our environment and natural resources
through the assessment of blighted properties across the state,” DANR said
Secretary Hunter Roberts. “These grant dollars allow us to expand our economy
The Brownfields Program will ensure that abandoned properties are properly disposed of
assessed, facilitating growth and development in our communities.”
SDDANR will use the EPA grant funds to support several projects in Sioux
Falls, including efforts to address contamination at former Falls landfills
Park and Quarry Lake and enhance the city’s “Parks for All.”
initiative. Environmental assessments include dredging and soil sampling
as well as water quality testing for PFAS and other contaminants. Reuse plans
include new recreational access and features, a restored fishery and park
amenities such as an extensive picnic shelter, community pavilion and great
lawn, a visitor center and a hands-on farming experience for visitors. In
In addition, EPA funds will be used to evaluate the 22-acre Sioux Empire
Fairgrounds Former dumping ground for methane, PFAS and potential risks to the
Great Sioux River. This site has been identified for potential reuse as a
rideshare parking, electric vehicle charging stations, greenway, community
garden and walking and cycling paths.
The state will also use EPA funds to assess and clean up the Villa Ranchaero
location in Box Elder, which includes approximately 10 acres near Ellsworth Air
Force base. The site has been home to several small shops and restaurants
and dry cleaners and has been designated as a priority location for assessment,
clean up and reuse. The government will also complete the Fort environmental assessments
Sisseton Historic State Park to accommodate the construction of a new visitor
center, including soil drilling, asbestos and lead paint investigations
historical buildings.
South Dakota Science and Technology Authority, Lead, SD: $1 million
The South Dakota Science and Technology Authority will receive $1 million
EPA Brownfields funding to assess and clean up several contaminated properties
which are a high priority for reuse in the former Homestake gold mine
has been transformed into the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF).
the city of Lood. SURF is the deepest underground laboratory in the US,
and an internationally renowned scientific facility.
“Protecting the environment has always been a core value at SURF,” he says
Mike Headley, the executive director of South Dakota Science and
Technology Authority and the Laboratory Director of SURF. “This is strong
The EPA’s support furthers ongoing efforts to safeguard the environment
health and safety, habitat restoration, historic preservation and sustainable
practices here at America’s Underground Lab.”
EPA grant funding will allow SDSTA to address asbestos and other issues
environmental considerations at priority buildings throughout the SURF facility,
including the Yates Compressor Building, the Ellison Boiler Building and the
Foundry building. In addition to asbestos, known and potential environmental effects
Concerns include petroleum hydrocarbons, PCBs, volatile organic compounds,
lead-based paint and metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic. Redevelopment
plans include the safe reuse of contaminated areas and a proposed new pipeline
entrance to the facility.
Additional background:
The EPA’s Brownfields Program advances President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative
which set a target that would amount to 40% of the total benefits of certain federal lands
investments flow to communities marginalized by underinvestment
overloaded by pollution. About 86% of MAC and RLF supplement
program applications selected to receive funding proposed to work in areas
including overburdened communities.
The EPA’s Brownfields Program began in 1995 and has generated nearly $2.7 billion
in Brownfield Grants to assess, clean up and return contaminated property
affected properties to productive reuse. Before the bipartisan
Infrastructure Act made this program available approximately $60 million each
year. Thanks to the president’s historic investments in America through the
The bipartisan infrastructure bill, EPA, has now increased that annual investment
almost 400 percent.
To view the list of Multipurpose, Assessment and Cleanup applicants for FY 2024
selected for funding visit EPA’s FY 2024 Multipurpose, Assessment and
Web page for cleanup applicants.
For more information about EPA’s Brownfields Program, visit EPA’s Brownfields
web page.
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