Modern livestock farming produces safe meat and demand is increasing

Papia, a housewife from Bahiman village of Ullapara in Sirajganj, has set an example of how one can become self-reliant by supplying processed beef to the market in a safe manner.

She recently sold a cow for Tk3.8 lakh that she had bought for Tk30,000 two and a half years ago. She still has more than 30 cows of similar, improved breeds on her farm.

Her journey began seven years ago, when her husband Shaheen, after suffering losses in his grocery business, started raising two bulls they had at home.

A training course in animal husbandry, business management and animal husbandry from the Ministry of Youth Development proved to be a boon for her, helping her become a successful safe meat entrepreneur.

According to the district livestock office, 6.25 lakh cattle are available for sacrifice in Sirajganj this year, with a market value of around Tk2,500 crore. This is expected to earn a profit of at least Rs 500 crore to farmers.

With financial support from the International Fund for Agricultural Development, Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF), and the Danish International Development Agency, along with the Ministry of Livestock Services in Sirajganj, the non-governmental development organization National Development Program (NDP) is implementing production and marketing of safe meat and milk.

According to information provided by the organization, 28,000 farmers in Pabna and Sirajganj have been trained in safe beef production methods. 1.02 lakh cattle have been bred safely in these farms.

Project is being implemented in 12 districts

Under the project, 2 lakh 1,480 farmers and entrepreneurs in 12 districts across the country, including Bogura, Thakurgaon and Bhola, are involved in livestock farming, funded by foreign investment, using safe methods.

Nomita Halder, general manager of PKSF, told TBS that the project plays a role in expanding businesses and increasing the income of nearly three million poor people involved in livestock farming.

“Safe meat and dairy products produced under the project are already making their mark on domestic and international markets. Successful entrepreneurs are contributing to the national economy by exporting their products (such as pickles and cheese) abroad “, she said.

Farmers say they are currently receiving much more technical, technological and marketing support than before. They are introduced to modern veterinary care, which makes the production of safe meat easier, they say.

According to officials, 1,577 livestock farms have trained 1,41,546 farmers across the country under the project. In addition to safely breeding livestock, the livestock service providers also use cow manure for the production of organic fertilizer. Sirajganj is one of the prominent districts involved in the initiative.

Safe beef sales center attracts attention

Mama-Bhagne Agro Safe Meat, a safe beef retailing center at Shialkol in Sirajganj Sadar, has achieved ISO certification. It has also received recognition in the district. Even the district livestock farmers regularly buy beef there. It sells meat at market prices. There is a separate clean and hygienic area for slaughtering livestock. After halal slaughter, the blood and waste of the cattle are buried underground.

Abul Kalam Azad, owner of the meat company, said beef from an average of 45 cows has been sold in the company every month since its launch in February.

Alauddin Khan, Executive Director of NDP, said: “Due to safe practices, Bengal Meat has already purchased 2,382 cows from the area. The beef is also supplied to Shwapno stores. We are working to create successful entrepreneurs with various forms of financial support. ” aid, market preparation and training and indirectly thousands of people have found employment through livestock farming.”

Omar Faruque, district livestock farmer of Sirajganj district, said modern methods have been adopted in setting up the meat marketing center in Shialkol.