About 70 firefighters are helping to extinguish the blaze that damaged two homes in Middlesex

Two families in Middlesex Borough have been displaced following a three-alarm fire that engulfed two neighboring homes this morning.

Police confirmed the fire started in a garage and spread to an additional home on West Second Street around 2:30 a.m. The garage has been completely destroyed.

News 12 New Jersey was told everyone made it out okay. The Red Cross says it is helping a family of two with emergency assistance for temporary housing, food and clothing. A family of five, including three children and a dog, was also affected. The homeowner told News 12 their smoke detectors woke them up.

Both families were able to salvage a few items inside before amber warnings of imminent danger were placed on their doors.

Mutual aid from several nearby cities responded to the scene. About 70 firefighters and more than a dozen fire trucks from 15 different departments helped extinguish the blaze.

John Madden, the former mayor of Middlesex, applauded the firefighters’ response.

“It’s amazing. Thank God there have been no injuries here, not even to the pets. But it’s such a spectacular fire, and I know every fire station is hurting because of the volunteers. They do a fantastic job on every building fire ” said Madden.

Police and fire brigades searched the rubble this morning. The cause of the fire is still unknown. Authorities do not believe the fire was suspicious.